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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Singapore Creative HQ, Home Of Creative Labs

Creative HQIn the evening, we hurried down to Creative HQ for the Great Creative Warehouse Sales. One of the star buys for that day was a Zen Vision M 30GB costs only S$299. It was a very good buy and was sold out in the early morning.

Creative Xdock We were greeted by iPod accessories when we entered the store. This is the first time we saw the real Xdock playing X-Fidelity music from iPod Nano as shown above. Some of the less informed friends were however surprised to see iPods in the store. But the iPods are not for sale, its the accessory dude. This will also attract iPod users to shop at Creative. Anyway, this demo station shows the iPod Nano transmitting music wirelessly to the Xmod receiver and the high-fidelity music was played on the Gigaworks T20. What is great combination!
Click here for Xdock Review

Creative i600 ipod HiFi Next to the Xdock, is another iPod accessory, the i600 iPod HiFi Sound System, it docks, charges and at the same time plays X-Fidelity music from the iPod Video. The black, shinning speakers just look great with the iPod. Click here for i600 Review.

Creative HQFrom above, you can see many demo booth and each of them will have a Creative product for your review. The Creative Staff is stationed nearby for a quick explanation of its capability and

Zen Stone This is one of the most crowded booth showcasing the new Zen Stone. Click here for Zen Stone Review

X-Fi This is interesting, a Desktop with Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro for high quality audio creation.

Ext Soundblaster

Zen accessories A showcase of all the Zen V accessories. Click here for Zen V Plus Review

Zen Nomad These are all the past Creative MP3 players, look at the Nomad, really look like a CD player, as compared to current Zen series its really a vast improvement. iPod has a different product strategy and they are more focused. As all their iPods look the same and the difference is in the generations eg 1st gen, 2nd gen, when they release a new iPod.

X-Fi desktop This is a X-Fi desktop with the brand Fatal1ty pro gaming headset and the patented luminous keyboard and armed with a fata1ty laser mouse, you can be an instant pro gamer.

Xmod The Xmod needs no driver and can connect to your PC/Mac or notebooks without any driver so that you can have an instant X-Fi music or movie. Click here for Xmod Review

Creative Z600 Sound System These are the Z600 X-Fi Sound System for Zen Vision M

X-Fi Just love the X-Fi Fatal1ty soundblaster boxes, looks good and sounds good.

Xmod More Xmod for you! This time its in the box.

Creative HQ Shop, shop, Shop!

Creative HQ Cannot believe our eyes, the Zen Nano Plus and Zen Micro in the bargain corner has sold out! We were thinking of getting a Zen Micro as a collection to our Zen series! Maybe next time...

Creative Zen Sold Out Outside the store and in the main hall, we were greeted by a huge poster showing the Zen accessories.

Zen V Accessory
Another poster showing the Zen Neeon 2.

Creative Neeon 2


Hari said...

Awesome pictures, and an awesome store.. Now this is where i'm going to go when i get some money... Neways keep the good work going..


Creative Fan said...

Thanks dude, more coming up!

Varuna Singh said...

That would be my home if i was in Sinapore !!

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