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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Access Rescue Mode/Recovery Mode On Zen MP3 Player

Problem:Zen Vision keeps rebuilding itself when turned on

Similiar problem?
1) For the first attempt at problem solving, always do a 'Clean up' first and reboot to get rid of those uncleaned linkages/libraries.
Not sure how to reset your zen mp3 player? We have tabulated the step by step instruction here

2) If it still does not work, then try the 'formatting' and reboot. Warning, this approach will clean up all your music, videos, settings.

3) Finally if it still do not work, reload firmware using Creative Automated Firmware Update Tool, format and reboot.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, this has been an ongoing problem for me, and i've had no idea how to fix it. AH, stupid player!

Anonymous said...


Creative Fan said...

can we talk it over at mycreative fansite forum? its better over there

JimmyD said...

hi folks
well im really stuck,as none of this really applies to my problem..
all i was doing was deleting a song from my Nomad Zen Extra 30GB jukebox,when it froze up. When i restarted it got stuck on teh EAX audio screen,and its been like that ever since. i have poked in at the reset hole many many times, but all it does is go back to that screen. i downloaded the fixer,and all the other things, but none of them wil do me any good,as the player is frozen,which of course means its not recognised by the pc,,and i have no clue how to get past that;-(it did this before alongtime ago, but somehow i rescued it, but i dont know how this time.
if anyone can offer any help id very much appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

in your Nomad Zen Extra 30GB if it is frozen just take the back off and take the battery out and put it back in it worked for me, hope it works for you. Regards Captain

monsterpop said...

thank you for that suggestion, but i have also had to do that many times when it froze up, but this time it seems to have finally died on me;-(

Anonymous said...

what does rebuilding means...

Anonymous said...

My zen vplus is in a comma. when i turn it on the key lock is on and it is not possible by any means to turn the lock off. this means i have to reset to get it to go off. also i cannot access the recovery mode at all. thats £80 well spent, eh? i want to murder the creative programmers.

Anonymous said...

hi every body im having problems with my zen v i dont have the frezzing problem i have a u know to all the creative zen v ppl out there a reboot,clean up, a firmware, and a format i tired all of them but it does not work help anyone and when i plug it to my pc i says on the screen that theres no devices connected im gettin really mad and fusterated ineed pro help plllsss heellp me

Anonymous said...

plus my zen is a 2GB i had it for almost 3 years im the same guy who just posted on top so any one can help me pls

Jimmyboy88 said...

have you tried this?

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody,

I have Creative ZEN Micro 6GB and it is tuck in recovery mode - all options except Reboot do not work, and Windows says no player connected. I cannot install any new firmware.
I have music partition and data partition. I would like to access the data partition at least as I have some very important files there which I would like like to copy to my PC.
After reading a lot of posts about this issue on the net I didn't find any software solution. As the player is out of warranty and as there is no official warranty service in my country, I'm afraid I have to dissasemble the player myself and try to access the micro HDD through some kind of adapter. I have seen some videos on youtube and this article:
The HDD is Seagate ST1, probably with Compact Flash interface.
My questions are:
1/ What kind of adapter do I need to connect that HDD to the IDE/SATA/USB ports of my PC?
2/ (more important)After I find a way to successfully connect it, will the files on the data partition be visible through Windows, Linux or any other kind of OS on the PC? Is there any risk that the creative software on the player makes them visible only when the player is working properly with its firmware and software and not through other ways of access?
Thank you in advance, any help and advice would be highly appreciated before I start the dissassembly!

Anonymous said...

I opened the player and found out that the HDD is in fact a Hitachi 6GB Microdrive with CF+Type II interface. Is it possible to connect it to the PC with some kind of card reader and copy the data from the player?

Anonymous said...

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