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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Creative Zen V Plus | Auto-Resume, Bookmark Feature

Zen V Plus Auto Resume
  1. Auto-resume play feature: If you power off or shutdown the Zen V Plus while the track is playing (DON'T PAUSE FIRST), when you switch on again, play will resume from the point at which you shut down.

  2. Zen V Plus Bookmark
  3. The bookmark feature: while playing or paused, press and hold the 'Back' button until a menu appears. From there you can set a bookmark and resume at the bookmark by 'Music Library->Bookmarks'. You can clear the bookmark from the same menu - press and hold the 'Back' button with the bookmark highlighted. You can set up to 10 different bookmarks.


Guy said...

Best tips ever for the Zen V thanks!

Creative Fan said...

The bookmark feature is useful for those listening to music or audiobook which you can set a bookmark so that you can get back to where you left off in a book. More bang than a Apple's iPod or Microsoft's Zune.

Mudslide Matt said...

Thanks. I could not find the bookmark save feature before this tip.

Zen User said...

Thanks for the Bookmark info, it works great. I can't find the Auto-Resume feature. When I am in the middle of a chapter in a book and my Zen powers off, it starts at the beginning. I would like it to start where I was.

Creative Fan said...

next time while reading half-way thru the book, do a proper shutdown by holding on to the off switch. it will start where you left off previously :)

rozamax R said...

thx, great tip

Mary said...

I am SO frustrated with trying to figure out the bookmark feature! I use the "back" button, then go down to Set Bookmark, but then when I push the joystick, nothing happens. I got it to happen once but can't recreate what I did! What am I doing wrong?

Creative Fan said...

when you are at 'set bookmark', you got to push down at the centre of the jobstick to save the bookmark

Deborah said...

What do you do if bookmark feature stops working......cannot find anyting on creative website about that...

BroM said...


Anonymous said...

I downloaded a book from NetLibrary. The chapters are over 1 hour. Any bookmark set over an hour(say 1 hour 20 minutes) starts at the hour mark. Same with the shutdown, the book resumes at the hour mark. So I have to listen to 20 minutes a second time. Fast forward doesn't work either after the 1 hour mark. Any way to correct this?

Jimmyboy88 said...

while listening, do a shutdown, do not stop playing it. when you turn on zen the next time it will resume where you left off

Anonymous said...

I download a DRM protected .wma file from and start playing it on my computer using Windows Media Player, which downloads the usage rights. I transfer it to the Mozaic using Crative Centrale. I play it on the Mozaic for a while and set a bookmark. After I power off / on or switch to another track then return to the bookmark, if I fast forward or rewind the player freezes and displays the error "there is a problem playing this audio" and I have to reset the device. Please advise.

Jimmyboy88 said...

when you bookmark, try to shut it down while it is still playing that track. when you turn on again, it will auto resume. see if you are ok to do it this way

Anonymous said...

thanks Jimmyboy88. I tried that and indeed it started back at the point I was at when I did the shutdown, but if I go back to the bookmark I still have the same problem with FF and RW.
I posted this to Creative support, they sent me a template response which included doing a Recovery Mode / Cleanup. I tried that but it didn't help - I sent this info to them but haven't heard anything back.

Jimmyboy88 said...

in meantime used the method i suggested. keep us updated on your query to creative support. join us in the forums and learn more about how to use your zen more effectively

Anonymous said...

It's not happening on every album, and I had some DRM problems on my computer when I downloaded / sync'd this particular audio book, so that might be a contributor. I'll post back here later if I find anything - but not until I finish listening to the books so it might be a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Itunes has a "remember playback position" which allows you to set any mp3 or aac file so that your ipod will remember where you stopped listening, even if you are switching between several audiobooks. It also remebers the position if you have turned of the ipod and turn it on the next day.

So the message is clear, if you like listening to audiobooks that are not just from Audible but from CDs, old cassettes which have digitalised or radio recordings (eg BBC radio plays)get an ipod.

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