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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Solution: Windows Vista Cannot Recognise Zen MP3 Players

For those Windows Vista user with problems when they plugged their Zen V Plus into the USB port. Vista was asking for drivers and couldnt find them, even though you have installed all the applications in the installation CD.

For some users using Vista Ultimate, Windows cannot find all the installed drivers, so even though you install it Windows thinks they dont exist.

To solve this, plug in your hardware and wait for the prompt to search for drivers.

If no drivers are found, click on the "advanced" option of locating the drivers manually.

If you dont get an option of browsing manually go to Control Panel > Device Manager and Find your hardware thats not installed. Right click on it and select Update Driver Software.

You get asked to Browse your computer, or you can enter a file location. Simply place the following in, or find the folder on your computer


Click next and Windows searches that folder... and finds your drivers... installs them and sorts it all out.

This has solved my problem with my Creative Zen V Plus MP3 player and some other hardwares which cannot be recognised.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!! worked for me too :)

Anonymous said...

Worked for me too! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Great! It took me a while to find this article, but now it works perfectly! Thanks!

iampedro said...

Do you know the exact link to the folder where it finds it or the ini file becuase mine says these files won't work on a 32bit when I try to find it....

I have Vista Ultimate 32bit system...

iampedro said...

Can someone post what the exact .ini file is so that I can install this becuase right now I am having no luck it says the drivers won't work on this system. I have Vista Ultimate 32bit.

Frog said...

Didn't work for me , either. :-(

Same problem and Vista version as iampedro.

Creative Fan said...

What Zen are you using? you may have to update your firmware.

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for me, says i have the most updated driver but the player "will not start". zen vision w(older 30 Gb)vista business 32 gb

Anonymous said...

Computer says drivers are installed my Vision M is connected but Media Explorer says it's not. I've tried installing updated software from Creative but it still doesn't work, help!!

Creative Fan said...

try this

Anonymous said...

I have a zen microphoto and vista. I just installed the software. These are the steps I took to do so.
1. Open Control Panel
2. Click on Programs and Features
3. Go to Help menu which is on the top toolbar
4. Type in 'Install Program'
5. From the menu that comes up choose number 7 which is "Make older programs run in this verstion of windows"
6. Click on the link that says "Click to open Program Compatability Wizrd
7. Follow the wizard instructions and you should have no difficulty installing your software.
8. Make sure you say yes to using these compatability settings for this program in the future.

I hope it works for you. I just played around with help until I found this wonderful solution.

Happy listening. Cheers Bev

Creative Fan said...

Thanks Bev! This is going to help all those users trying to make their zen microphoto work on vista.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such clear advice. I have been hunting high & low for a fix to my Zen V vs Vista issue and thankfully stumbled upon your site. Well done.

Anonymous said...

sadly it says i have the most up to date driver for my zen v plus. Anyone know a work around?

Anonymous said...

Dude, its only vista which recognizes my Zen V.. I've installed the software first, then connected the zen V, fully charged.. nothing found.. Windows Xp SP2..

Creative Fan said...

for win xp connection issue try this solution

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I've been struggling with it the whole night! It worked! Thank you SO much!

Anonymous said...

I just bought my daughter a Vision M for her birthday, but it doesn't recognize it in my Vista Ultimate. I followed the steps above and still nothing...says newest drivers are installed but won't recognize it. Don't know what to do....:-(

Creative Fan said...

next i suggest you try to update your firmware will the latest firmware. however you need a win xp PC to do it. or see if you can find any answers from our forum

Anonymous said...

SCREW Creative and their Zen! There is nothing inferior about the W2K operating system for this application. Why the hell couldnt they include drivers for that OS as well, instead of catering to Vista and XP? Shouldnt everyting be backwards compatable?
And what is this about drivers anyway? This thing is nothing more than a glorified pen drive. Why should it need ANY newfangled drivers? Im telling you this is all a conspiracy to force all of us to use a certain music management software, OS, or something!
Im taking this thing back and getting a generic mp3 player so my shit will work!

Anonymous said...

Super, this worked. Creative support site or knowledgebase didn't say anything about this as far as I could see. Hope they post a solution like this on their site as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks! Exactly what I needed. It's happened, Windows has become so bloated that not even Windows can figure out what it has and where to find it. I'm so tired of having to remember myriad details (which my brain isn't good at) on behalf of a system that has the hardware available to remember everything perfectly but not the software to actually do it.

Anonymous said...

I got my daughter a zen v mp3 player and my vista 32 bit os doesn't recognize it, just says it's not plugged in. Please, which of the above would work for me, I'm at my wits end and not very IT savvy , my printer can't be recognized either, great blog!!

Creative Fan said...

try to update to the latest firmware for your zen, however, you need to connect it first to a working PC with Win XP

yoh said...

ok for anyone for which this method didnt work and that tried everything else and is at wits end like I was
here is a great fix to get this thing working in vista

first upgrade your firmware to the 6.xx version


On an administrator account:

>>Right click "Computer"
>>Click "Manage"
>>Under the "System Tools" section, Double click "Local Users and Groups"
>>Click "Groups"
>>Right click "Administrators"
>>Click "Add to group..."
>>Click "Add"
>>Click "Advanced"
>>Click "Find Now"
>>Double click "Local Service"
>>Click "Ok"
>>"NT Authority\Local Service" should show up in the list now
>>Click "Ok"
>>Close Computer Management and reboot.

If that does not work, boot your computer up in safe mode with command promt. In the command prompt, type in one of these three variations of this command. (first one worked for me)

Net localgroup Administrators local service /add

net localhost Administrators /add Local Service

net localgroup Administrators /add Local Service

its flipping brilliant i say

lennie said...

i've been searching for this info for a long time. now my zen is recognized by vista. thank you very many :)

i hope this trick will work on my other usb devices too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


vicky_rocks said...

thanks to "myCreative Fansite Forum" the guidendce which u people gave me really worked out for me...and i want to tell all other users tht this problem is not only with vista but also with windows xp jus do the same process which is directed by the myCreative Fansite Forum..and it will definately work out like it worked out for me

Anonymous said...

i found out a way to upload songs to your creative without using the Media Explorer in Vista.

1. Plug in your Creative
2. Go to (My) Computer
3. open the one that says the name of your mp3 player (mine is bobby)
4. drag and drop songs into the folder of your choice.


ylloh said...

Thanks for sharing! cheers!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it... I've had my creative zen for MONTHS and from day one, I haven't been able to use it because it wasn't recognized my windows Vista, tonight I stumbled apon this forum after having searched all this time and the command "net localgroup administrators /add local service" fixed it. After so long of having the PERFECT mp3 player and unable to get it to work and getting ABSOLUTELY NO HELP from creative I give you a very over due "Thank you"!!!

herico123 said...

hi ok i have tried many things but nothings working i have zen vision m and vindows vista i have tried uploading the driver thing but it says it has the newest update already its starting make me mad cuz i cant get m zen to show up on my computer at all. please help me someone!!!

Anonymous said...

My Windows xp won't recognize my Zen Stone and I'm frustrated. What do I do??!! Please help.

AdrianH said...

Hi, this isnt helping at all. It doesnt even recognise my Zen when i plug it in. It's a Zen not Zen whatever btw. would love for it to prompt me for drivers but all....not even glowing to say its recharging.

help me please!!

im loosing faith in creative already and i brought this to replace my ipod =/



ylloh said...

Hi guys, here's a couple of things you can try:
1. try to upgrade your firmware but it must be done using a win xp PC
2. install SP1 for win vista

Anonymous said...

heya nothing is working for me...i don't have access to a computer with windows xp...all my ones are vista. Is there a way of updating the firmware without having to find a computer or someone with a computer which has xp on it?


Anonymous said...

I reformatted my zen mp3..
I can transfer song as per normal..
But wen i on the mp3 ,
It display no music...
Any idea y??
Is yes pls email me at

Anonymous said...

Yoh, you're brilliant. You're FUCKING BRILLIANT. Fixed it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I'm serious! Do the technique Yoh described and you will never have a problem.

Jimmyboy88 said...

thats an awesome testimonial! :)

Anonymous said...

Finally today after hours of working on this I managed to get my Creative Zen touch working with Vista. BOOOOO to Creative. It's like they don't expect their products to last long enough to require updates for them for more than a set number of years.

Anyway, what I did to fix this was:

1) Download & install "nomad explorer version 3.01.10" from Creative's website file name NMEX_PCApp_3_01_10.exe

2)Download a driver called: jb3mv2_pcwdrv_us_1_30_03 but don't install it yet

3)After downloading the file, Right click on it and clicked on "properties" then on the "compatability" tab I chose "run as WinXP SP2". "apply" "ok"

4)Right click on the file name again and "run as adminstrator". Then the computer prompted me to connect the player and then to reboot to complete the installation.

5) After the reboot, I found my player under "my computer" listed as "creative zen touch (my jukebox).

I am now able to "drag and drop" songs in and out of my player.

I first tried the following driver but it didn't work for me using the method above:

Creative ZEN and Jukebox Driver 2.01.00 jb3mv2_pcwdrv_us_1_30_03

Good luck for the next person who has this problem!

Jimmyboy88 said...

thanks for sharing!
this is awesome information for zen touch users!

Wulfy said...

That is quite awesome. Solved my Zen Touch + Vista problem easily! You = Creative God in my eyes...

Jimmyboy88 said...

cool huh? :)

kev said...

ur my freakin hero lol

Jimmyboy88 said...

why thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Worked out great. Many thanks for your help.

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