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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Solution: Creative Zen Works On Windows 2000|ME

Here is the easiest solution for Windows 2000:
1. Download these drivers with support for Zen (click on link below)
2. Unpack & Install MTP9x-2k.EXE
3. Choose ctpdmtp.inf & click right mouse button & select Install
4. Restart Windows
5. When Windows has booted up again plug your ZEN in to a USB port, if it asks for a driver please refer it to the ctpdmtp.inf file.
6. Download and install MediaMonkey
(click on link below)
7. Now Zen should work fine! It should appear in MediaMonkey after a few seconds.

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Download these drivers and install MediaMonkey


Anonymous said...

It doesn't work with me... when i try to instal zen driver it unables to locate driver. so i cant... what to do ?

ShadrachVS said...

You do not need to use Mediamonkey for Win2k, just be sure that you have winmedia player 9, most current for win2k, installed.

This worked perfectly; thanks for the fix - too bad Creative Labs didn't foresee people using older operating systems or at least have very visible warnings stating complete lack of backwards compatibility for pre-XP OS...
First black mark on CL for me... and after such a long and fun relationship.

ylloh said...

thanks for your feedback, now we know it will work without mediamonkey just wmp9 will do for win2000.

abt zen working on win2k, from what we know, when CL signs the agreement with Microsoft on the media interface, they are only allowed to make it work on Win XP and above. Another way to force win2k users to upgrade their OS. CL has no choice but to comply.

Anonymous said...

It did not work for me neither. It is not able to find the driver... Any idea?

Anonymous said...

Here a hint for users with whom the above does not seem to work: follow all the steps as described. When you connect your ZEN then and Windows still asks for a driver, select "Choose Driver Manualy from a List", scroll to "Creative" in the List and select "Creative Zen Micro". Install this driver (Windows will warn you that it's not the right one which you can ignore). Now you can access your ZEN using Windows Media Player 9 > Copy to CD oder Device. This worked for me on Windows 2000.

Alexandra said...


unfortunately I've just had the same problem. I have an "old" pc (from 1998) and it runs with "windows 2000" , so you know what the problem is.

I followed the steps as written, did the download, reboot, blahblah. Didn't work, the driver wouldn't be found.
There must be some solution still, isn't there?

I've tried to find a driver on the CNet website, but nothing...
Did someone found something?

Thank you in advance for any help possible. :-)

Jimmy said...


I'm not sure what the trouble is, but try the following: choose to "Install from list or specific location", the "Don't search - I will choose the driver to install". If the hardware doesn't show up, choose 'have disk', and enter the location of the ctpdmtp file - 5410MTP\Common\ctpdmtp.inf (in my case, E:\5410MTP\Common\ctpdmtp.inf, as I'd unpacked directly to E drive).

Hopefully the device driver will be found. Windows m,ay whine baout the driver not being 'digitally signed' - ignore it, and choose the recognized device (The Zen V plus, in my case).

Click 'next', and Windows will do the rest.

Anonymous said...

Does this work for the "normal" ZEN ( too?
Which driver do I have to install

Alexandra said...

Wanted to say thanks to Jimmy for his comment. Unfortunately I had already returned the player because it just wouldn't work on my pc. I think I did the "install from location" thing though, so your comment isn't wasted, and will be useful to others.

Good luck to everybody ^^!

wmoecke said...

It works, but then again, you have limited functionality.

It will only let Win2000 users transfer files from the PC to the ZEN's internal memory, and that is about it.

Unfortunately for us, Creative Media Explorer Software does much more than that. For instance, one thing that I've experienced, is some MP3 files are simply not recognized by the ZEN at first glance. So all I had to do is connect the ZEN to a WinXP PC with Creative Media Explorer Software installed (usually work PC) and transfer the file to the ZEN using Creative Media Explorer Software. It will do some internal conversions, and voila, the file can be listened to with ZEN.

I really hate Microsoft and the way it forces its way into "popularity" by pushing everyone into using only their latest products.

Someone should REALLY do a good deed to mankind and blow Microsoft away. Really, flatten out the entire building.

I would gladly do it, had I have the opportunity.

I HATE these mother$%*@#ckers.

Alexandra said...

LOLLLL WMoecke :-D .

Now, we've got a new pc with Vista sp1 on it, and I'm guessing the compatibility level isn't that great either. So to say, apparently vista is gonna be change by windows 7 in the future...
Now I hope that Creative doesn't mind Linux OS systems... *crosses fingers*

sailor said...

Link to drivers not working any more !!!
Help !!!

Jimmyboy88 said...

thanks for pointing it out! the link is broken and we have fixed it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the job for us that Creative should have done in the first place - PUTTING THE DRIVERS ON THE SUPPORT PAGE. What genius designed their useless site?!

And even on the contact form, the link to tell users how to find the firmware version is broken. Oh, and the serial number is printed too small to read, in black-on-black. Real helpful, 'Creative'.

Anonymous said...

Which models does this driver work with?

I contacted Creative support to ask which models can be made to work with Windows 2000, as a removable drive. They told me all I could get was a refurbished Zen Vision M.

Jimmyboy88 said...

its not officially supported by creative
all zen are supposed to work on win xp and vista only

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