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Sunday, July 8, 2007

X-Fi Soundblaster XP/Vista Solution: Setup Is Unable To Detect A Supported Product On Your System

Problem: Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system. please ensure that your product is properly installed before running this setup program.

This message comes up when in the install shield wizard prepares the setup stage, when trying to install the sound blaster X-Fi, for the X-Fi elite pro. i am running windows xp with service pack 2. Does anyone know how this can be fixed or a way around it.

Solution: I seem to have had some success using the PAX software. The PAX is a modded X-Fi driver for Windows XP or Vista. This is particularly effective for those who hit the problem "Setup Is Unable To Detect A Supported Product On Your System" using Creative's X-Fi driver for Vista Installation CD.

Here is what I did
1) Download the PAX software in the link below
2) It's actually an iso (CD image) file, not a zip file. Rename it to .iso
3) Click it and see if your cd writer software knows how to make a cd out of it. Actually you can run it without copying into a CD if you do an unzip. However, the instruction warns that it might not work properly if you run directly.
4) Copy the CD. Reinsert it. Autorun starts. If not, run the PAXSetup.exe
5) Look for the English radio button for English language (if needed)
6) You'll get a warning at some point that you need to "discircle" or unselect, I think thats what he meant, the "Windows Drivers" for Vista. I never saw anything about Windows Driver. I did see "Audio Drivers" but I just left it checked.
7) Creative installer will appear on top of PAX installer. Go through the Creative install then return to PAX at end.

Reboot. There you have it. It Works. Now PC have THX console, 5.1 speaker support, etc.

Re: Xfi elite pro, CD installation "hardware not found"
- Proven that its workable by a X-Fi Elite Pro user

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Anonymous said...

How nice! I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a SoundBlaster (not) sound card which falsely advertised "Works with Windows Vista" on the box. I installed it and then tried to install the software that came with the (not) sound card, only to get the usual "Setup did not detect..." prompt. I re-installed it and downloaded the latest drivers and uninstalled it again; re-installed the OS etc, etc. It worked with Windows XP, but not with the fully upgraded Vista on my machine (ASUS P4 2.66 w/2gbs RAM).

Vista is garbage and Creative Labs is garbage!

Creative Fan said...

so sorry to hear that, you must be disappointed... did you try the pax2007 driver? is should solve your problem

Anonymous said...

it does not work for me. i have a SB X-Fi Platinum SB0460. Vista detects it as Multimedia Audio Controller. Tried everything, but setup still cannot detect it. What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

This still doesn't work. Vista detects it as one Multimedia Audio Controller. Tried everything, wasted around 4 CD's burning Vista Installation crap on it. Setup still cannot detect supported hardware. I have an X-Fi Platinum 7.1 SB0460. Whats the problem???

Anonymous said...

Help!! mine mobo cant even detect the x-fi professional card. I assume that the led lighting up means the card is sioted in properly (cant push it any more in btw). Any solutions?

mostafa007 said...

hi there , plz any one help me , i have the exact same problem even after downloading that PAX software

same error "Setup is unable to detect a supported product on your system"

any one help plzzz , cause i cant go back to the onboard sound card :(:(

Anonymous said...

I tried to install the creative dvd audio player on windows 7. the same kind of thing happens here, unable to detect supported bla bla bla.... i have installed my x fi titanium pro with latest drivers but....
Really Creative is rubish. The choice of Xfi titanium pro was totally wrong, first thing to discover-no headphones jack (which is stupid) second thing to discover - modification needed to connect my S750 speakers (which is again stupid since they are of the same brand) and third thing to discover-i cannot hear dvd audio because of this error.
Creative should be ASHAMED of themselves, their products, software and support is TOTAL CRAP.

Jimmyboy88 said...

since you are installing it in win7, did you update your driver? try this http://www.mycreativefansite.com/2009/08/creative-sound-blaster-x-fi-titanium.html

Anonymous said...

I tried to register but then when I tried to login, it said Username does not exist. I tried registering again with another username, same thing happened. So I can't login to access and download PAX software.

Streaks said...

My new X-FI Xtreme Audio didn't work in my Vista rig (athlon) or my new Windows 7 rig (intel). Same old error. PAX either says the same error, or seems to install successfully and requests a reboot but nothing has changed in device manager or in general.

I've tried the newest drivers, old drivers, PAX drivers, and nothing works. The card is definitely inserted correctly. The drivers and/or hardware are inadequate and poor. Simple as that.

Creative are such liars. I'm NEVER buying creative EVER again. They'll never admit there's such a large-scale problem therefore it will never be dealt with. What a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

I will still buy.

Anonymous said...

"X-FI Xtreme Audio" is an old card, not new.

Jimmyboy88 said...

did you disable your on-board sound? before re-installing other drivers always uninstall the old drivers first

Anonymous said...

same problem with my Creative Soundblaster Audigy SE SB0570.. it works on other PC using win7 but it wont omy my dell precision workstation 390 still under win7... even i disable built-in audio from bios and fresh install the drivers by reformatting the whole PC.. to no availe...

Anonymous said...

This website is dead. So is creative and its management.

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