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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Creative Zen 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB PDF Ebook/Manual

The Creative Zen PDF Ebook/Manual can be downloaded here for free.

Content of the manual
1. Introduction
Your Player at a Glance
Turning Your Player On and Off
Selecting Menus and Options
Navigating a List Quickly
Locking Your Player

2. Playing and Managing Media
Ripping Music
Tagging your Audio Tracks
Transferring Files into Your player
Using Sync Manager
Creating Playlists
Entering Selected Music view
Playing and Managing Music Tracks
Adjusting volume
Shuffling and repeating tracks
Searching for similar tracks
Rating tracks
Removing tracks
Deleting tracks
Using bookmarks
Searching within tracks
Being your own DJ
Purchasing tracks
Playing Audible Files
Listening to the Radio
Performing an autoscan and autosave
Performing a manual scan
Naming or renaming a radio preset
Deleting radio presets
Viewing your presets
Recording with the Built-in Microphone
Playing recordings
Viewing and Managing Photos
Viewing photos
Displaying photo folders
Viewing slideshows
Playing and Managing Videos
Converting a video
Playing a video
Deleting a video
Hiding video or photo folders
Setting a password for protected folders
Playing ZENcast Content
Managing Data Files

3. Managing Organizer Data
Synchronizing Your Player with Microsoft Outlook
Using Personal Information Manager
Viewing the Calendar
Viewing Today's Tasks
Viewing Contacts

4. Customizing Your Player
Assigning Menu Shortcuts
Configuring Your Player's Menus
Setting the Menu Language
Changing Audio Settings
Using equalizer (EQ)
Enabling volume restriction
Enabling Smart Volume
Enabling Bass Boost
Changing Display Settings
Changing the theme
Setting the backlight duration
Setting the display brightness
Changing Player Settings
Setting the Idle Shutdown time
Enabling the Sleep Timer
Personalizing your player with your name
Changing Clock Settings
Setting the date and time
Setting the alarm
Displaying the time
Resetting Your Player

5. Applications
Creative Media Explorer
Creative ZENcast Organizer
Creative Media Toolbox

6. Using Windows Media Player
Managing Your Library
Transferring Audio Tracks to Your Player

7. Using a Memory Card
Inserting a memory card
Browsing and playing from your memory card
Transferring files to and from your memory card
Stopping Your Player Properly

8. Frequently Asked Questions
Can I transfer Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected WMA files to my player?
I cannot play DRM-protected WMA files on my player. What do I do?
Can I use Windows Media Player to transfer videos?
I have to recharge the player's battery quite often. Is there anything I can do to make it last longer?
My player's volume is very soft. What can I do?
How do I reset my player?
My player is performing erratically. What can I do?
To clean up your player's memory
To format your player in Recovery Mode
To format your player using Creative Media Explorer
One of the following diagrams appears on the display. What does it mean?
My player does not turn on or stops responding. What do I do?
Where can I get more information on Creative products?

9. General Specifications

10. License and Copyright

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Anonymous said...

I am not happy with the fact that I have spent an hour trying to get the user manual for my new zen 4gb mp3 player. What a circle jerk! Sansa made it easy to obtain the complete user manual and print it! Which you should get in the first place! I can sen d this back to amazon!

Creative Fan said...

the manual is in the forum, it shd come completed with the zen player. go and demand it from amazon. we setup this for those who lost their hardcopy manual so that they can get it here

Martin said...

The only manual for my 32GB Creative Zen I've been able to find is the "manual.chm" file that came on its installation CD. I was able to convert this into an Acrobat PDF format file by using Adobe Acrobat Professional and "printing" the contents of the manual into the PDF converter that is part of that package. Creative should supply the manual in this format...IMHO.

Anonymous said...

i bought a creative zen model #1.21.01. its the pink one and has the removable sd card. how do i access that extra memory on the sd card. so far i have only been able to use only the memory on the hard drive. help please phone_ladyone @

Jimmyboy88 said...

you can get the manual from the forum, it will tell you what to do

Anonymous said...

Connected my Creative Zen 8MB to PC to charge, when disconnected Zen blue light on but nothing appears on the screen nor will it turn off.

Anonymous said...

you can reset the player so it can turn on again a small hole is provided in the bottom of the player just use a stitching needle to press it it will be reset and turn on

Jimmyboy88 said...

yup thats right :)

Sam said...

When I go into my Creative Zen (8mg) through my PC, all the album covers are there with the music. However, going at it through the player, only about 25% show up. How can I get those album covers to show ('cause they sure make it easier to navigate!)?

Michael said...

Its probably the album art file format. Try experementing with .jpeg and .bmp formats.

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
zen neeon2 lost volume password please send me a solution of mp3 player my email adress (


Jimmyboy88 said...

just reset it and do a clean-up. that should do it

Anonymous said...

how to do a clean up? i reset the unit but nothing happen while disabling the volume restriction still asking for password.

Jimmyboy88 said...

our ultimate reset cheatsheet go check it out

Anonymous said...

Where the feck is the link to the manual?

Anonymous said...

My Zen 4GB mp3 player is stuck with rebuilding mode & doesn't recognise by pc. What to do with it

Jimmyboy88 said...

the manual is in the forums under member area.

for rebuilding problem, you have to format it

Jen3970 said...

How do I get the Zen player to accept a playlist? I created "New Playlist 1" and when I press OK, it says "Unable to save playlist to your player" I love the Zen, but find it very hard to load and manage music into it. Is there an online manual?
Many thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the reset option for Zen product!

Anonymous said...

Do I have to convert every video file I transfer?

Jimmyboy88 said...

no, not really, some of the videos can play even without conversion, it depends on the video format you use

Sherie said...

I need to record from the radio. How do I do that?

Jimmyboy88 said...

you cant do that, you cant record from radio

Winson C. Hinkle said...

registration area seems to be curupted. Registration does not take.

Anonymous said...

How can I rip songs on to the memory card?

Anonymous said...

my mp3 player as frozen on shut down help

Anonymous said...

my zen wont dock to my computer or anything!

Anonymous said...

How do I assign shrtcuts to my Zen?

Anonymous said...

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