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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Creative Zen MicroPhoto PDF Ebook/Manual

Creative Zen MicroPhotoThe Creative Zen MicroPhoto PDF Ebook/Manual can be downloaded here for free. Check out the download link below.

Content of the manual
Zen MicroPhoto at a Glance
Zen MicroPhoto
Turning Zen MicroPhoto on and off
Vertical Touch Pad
Main Menu
Now Playing screen
Main Applications
Creative Media Explorer
Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer
Creative Media Toolbox
Wired Remote Control
Transferring content from your computer
About Content Types
Getting Content
Ripping music and copying files
To rip music from your CD collection
To copy audio files or photos from your computer
To copy data files using Creative Media Explorer
Creating and transferring playlists
Synchronizing content with your computer
Disconnecting your player
Playing and Managing your player
Adjusting volume
Locking Zen MicroPhoto
Selecting and playing music tracks
Adding a music track to the list of selected tracks
Searching for similar tracks
Selecting tracks with Zen MicroPhoto’s DJ
Managing the list of selected tracks
Shuffling and repeating the list of selected tracks
Searching within a track
Using bookmarks
Listening to the radio
To perform an autoscan and autosave
Deleting radio presets
Recording radio broadcasts
Recording with the built-in microphone
Playing recorded tracks
Deleting tracks
Viewing track information
Viewing player information
Viewing and managing photos
Storing Photos and Data Files in Zen MicroPhoto
Using your Zen MicroPhoto as a Removable Disk in Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Me
Changing the amount of hard disk space in Removable
Disk mode
Stopping Zen MicroPhoto Properly
Using Zen MicroPhoto’s Organizer Features
Synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook
Viewing the calendar
Viewing today’s tasks
Viewing contacts
Personalizing Zen MicroPhoto
Adjusting Vertical Touch Pad settings
Changing the Theme
Setting the date and time
Setting the alarm
Using Zen MicroPhoto’s equalizer (EQ)
Setting playback at a constant volume
Enabling the bass boost feature
Labeling Zen MicroPhoto with your name
Setting the display duration
Setting the display contrast
Setting the Idle Sleep time
Enabling the Snooze Timer
Changing the menu language
Resetting Zen MicroPhoto
Adding and removing main menu items
Frequently Asked Questions
Safety Information
General Specifications

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Anonymous said...

What's the difference between "idle sleep" and "snooze timer"? This is very poorly explained in the Creative manual.

Kipp said...

hello, I have a Zen microphoto, is there any kinds of applications for To-Do list i could put on this?


Anonymous said...

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