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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Solution: Creative Zen 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB White Screen

This is one of the most common problem reported by Creative Zen owners. After charging my Zen for the recommended four hours, I started it up only to see a white screen, nothing else. It does not go away, however. Resetting multiple times, updating, and re-updating the firmware doesn't seem to solve the problem either. I hit play, and I can hear the pre-loaded music, and I can adjust the volume, but I cannot see anything!

Sad to say that the conclusion is that the white screen is a hardware problem, not a firmware problem, there is nothing much you can do about it and that you need to quickly return your Zen and get a replacement from your retailer while the warranty is still valid. We will update this post when a reliable solution is available, you can check back here for more information.

Updated on 27 Dec 2007: There's a latest firmware to solve this issue. You can try your luck by updating the latest firmware using Creative MP3 Recovery Tool.

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Photo Tricks said...

I just ordered the cheaper 2GB Zen at for only $79.99 US (less than hundred bucks even with taxes). Sure hope it doesn't have this problem as I am excited...

Creative Fan said...

No worries, we will help you if there are any troubles ;)

Jervin said...

i just got mine and i turned it on and it was working fine. turned it off and put it to charge. and am getting the white screen. sent creative an email. waiting for a response. can you help?

Anonymous said...

Anyone heard of any fixes or workarounds from Creative tech support itself ?

Anonymous said...

Using a paper clip press and hold in the reset button. With the button pressed in, turn the ZEN on. This overcomes the White Screen of Death issue.

Goodluck !

Brett South Wales UK

Jimmyboy88 said...

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I've had my player for a little over a year now, and still am perplexed by the white screen of death issue. The paperclip/reset method has never worked for me, and the "lock/hold play" method is unreliable. Funny enough, the only thing that has worked successfully for me was cooling the player to near freezing temperatures (i.e. put in the freezer). Since I live in Boston, this means I get a working player around 4 months out of the year.

I had been a loyal Creative consumer for 6 years, but their lack of support for this problem means I won't be buying Creative mp3 players any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I ask Sherlock Holmes how do you back up ZEN data and media files "Be sure to back up all of your data as well as media files before formatting your player" (quote from Creative Solution Site). Holmes said "Watson you fool its elementary everybody the least bit acquainted with the computer knows how to back up your data".
Well I don't so tell me Sherlock the most brilliant mind ever how do you back up data and files and where do you store them. And quit saying "ITS ELEMENTARY" because its not to me. This ZEN contraption and the backing up of data and media files has me bamboozled.
Michael aka Dr.Watson

Anonymous said...

i also got into this problem ... i faced it after two months of purchase .. but i lost the bill and cant do nothing .. i would say dont buy it .. since it proves creative Quality check is not good

Jimmyboy88 said...

does the suggestion above overcome this problem?

Anonymous said...

no it's definitely a firmware problem since i didthe firware update and the screen turned white and i tried downgrading it and the screen was completely black.

Anonymous said...

I ve tried a lot of solutions about the white screen, and anyone has worked right for me. Previously I had a Creative Zen 4 Gb. Before one year since I bought, appears the white screen. I sent to Crative technic service, and send me a new zen. 3 months later, I have the same problem, but I don`t have warranty. I need a solution, because I paid 100€ for a instrument wich doesn`t work right.

staff_member said...

Follow this solution for hardware problems:

Dale Sundstrom said...

My two-year-old 16GB Zen will frequently only display a blank white screen. Updating, reformatting, and Support have been of no help. The problem is temperature related. The one thing I've found that fixes it is putting it in a plastic bag with a Sorb-it silica gel canister (to absorb any moisture), and putting in the refrigerator for five or ten minutes. I keep the Zen in the plastic bag while cold to prevent any condensation from forming on it or inside of it. (The freezer sounds like a BAD idea). This might be the same "hardware problem" mentioned above, with the cooling perhaps temporarily contracting some part of a loose screen connection. If this is just a loose connection, and Creative wont' do anything about it, that would really suck. I took great care of my Zen and am very dissatisfied with its short life-span. I will avoid Creative products until I know this kind of problem is less likely to occur.

Anonymous said...

To: staff_member

Thanks Amigo, solution work well. Peter

Steve said...

To: Dale Sundstrom

I'll be honest, I was (to put it mildly) sceptical that your refrigerator suggestion would be any use. But, after days of seeking solutions, re-installing firmware, fruitless reboots etc.... I thought "Why not?".

And - it worked. Straight out of the (ice) box as it were.....

Reassuring in one sense - that's it's plainly a connection issue (as you say) rather than anything corrupted/burnt out. So, I'll be taking it back to the shop for shipment to Creative and we'll see what follows.

I'm sorry to say that my poor impression of Creative is the same as yours, reinforced by the massive volume of similar issues that I've seen reported - all of them pretty much shrugged off by the company. I'm fairly tech-minded and also inclined to be patient when dealing with tech issues, bugs etc - but I also expect manufacturers to do their part. Creative plainly aren't doing that.

Steve said...

sorry for the post. withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

I have had my zen for years, and it has worked perfectly. But Alas Today I have got the Dreaded blank screen. I have just popped it into a plastic bag with one of those silica things, yes only one from the vitamin jar haaa thats all I had. Now I wait for 10 Zen minutes, and try it again.

jorgon said...

For me, the latest firmware didn't help, nor the paperclip. However flexing the case a little (as suggested on another forum) did work. This suggests it is some sort of connection problem and the fridge/freezer idea also tends to show this. Also I have noticed this problem only since I moved from cold UK to a hot part of Australia.

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