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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Predictions For Creative Labs @ MacWorld And CES 2008

Creative Labs @ MacWorld And CES 2008
Creative Labs @ MacWorld And CES 2008
Creative Labs is a long time CEA member @ International CES. And its all happening on January 7 - 10 @ Las Vegas. They have won consecutive Best of CES awards for Zen Micro and Zen Vision M. As usual, every year at CES, Creative will always showcase their latest product offerings for the consumer electronic.

These are our predictions for CES 2008.
1. MP3 player market leader Apple iPod already launched iPod Touch with user-friendly touch screen mp3 player and WiFi feature to download songs directly using the internet. Creative ZEN would likely to follow as we had shared with all that the Sigmatel chip they are using actually supports WiFi and flash memory capacity up to 32GB. We had already seen Creative announcing the World's first 32GB ZEN MP3 player.

2. Leaked from FCC, Creative will introduce Creative InPerson, WiFi Video Phone.

3. Another exposure from FCC, a OEM wireless digital headset, first in the world, branded TAG Heuer for the watch cellphone.

4. A new portable media player, right now, all the different classes of mp3 players had been revamped except Zen Vision W. Maybe using the 3DLabs chip, this new portable media player will have more features to beat off the other competitors.

5. Just yesterday, we saw a new category Zen V (Video) at Creative's download section but this morning, it was gone. Maybe they are tagging along with the popular Zen V Plus to offer a Zen V that will satify the consumers' video demand.

Another major event, Macworld Conference & Expo will happen the week after International CES. Creative Labs will be there too and most likely to offer more Apple's iPod or iPhone accessory.

Conference: January 14 - 18, 2008
Expo: January 15 - 18, 2008
West & South Hall, Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA

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ALien_BRain said...

That was nicely put !

I just hope ALL those are true now...

(Fingers Crossed) !

Lets see what they have for us in this year!

Creative Fan said...

thanks alien brain, you are such a great creative fan! we would like to invite you to be a moderator at our mp3 player board, would you be kind enough to take up this offer?

ALien_BRain said...

Hey.. thats nice !
Definitely would!
Would be happy :D

ALien_BRain said...

btw.. the Zen V (Video).. in the download section is there on the us site.®ion=1&Product_Name=ZEN+V+Video&Product_ID=17253&modelnumber=&driverlang=1033&OS=10&drivertype=0&x=20&y=9

It's funny.. It could be either the Zen V thingi.. but its in another section..
You can download the firmware and try it out though.

Creative Fan said...

Hi alien_brain, you are now the moderator of the mp3 player board :) welcome aboard!

oh yea! zen v video can be seen in the download area, with a new firmware of its own. i am sure its a new mp3 player, that may look just like zen v plus? maybe just a little better in playing videos or with a larger screen instead? lets hope we can see it in CES.

ALien_BRain said...

I emailed Creative about the Zen V (Video) thingi... this is what they replied :

Dear Varuna,

Thank you for your interest in our Creative products.

Regarding your concern, Zen V (Video) is a different product. It has the
features of Zen V but with Video function. This is available exclusively
from Circuit City.

I hope that I was able to help you with this information.

Thank you for your interest and continuing support for Creative
products. Feel free to contact us again if you require further
assistance on our products.

Please retain all the previous correspondence when replying to this

Best Regards,

Direct Sales
Creative Labs Americas

I searched on Circuit City and nothing like that was there.
I replied to Creative now for further information of this 'new' player and if It was differnt from the Zen V plus.

Lets see....

Creative Fan said...

its great! its a new mp3 player product! cant wait to see it now!

Anonymous said...

whard ye git thet name thar pardner? alien_brain? whut in tarnation isut?

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