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Friday, March 21, 2008

Creative's 32GB ZEN Invades Europe

Creative's 32GB ZEN Invades Europe
New model with 32GB storage is now shipping across Europe.

Many of us already know that in the late 2007, the 32GB was first launched in Singapore then followed by UK and US. So its not new to us that Creative has the World's first 32GB flash memory mp3 player. Earlier we saw the press release on the 1 million Zen Stone shipped to Europe and Creative is riding on its zen stone's successful by announcing that they will also be shipping its 32GB ZEN across Europe, maybe further east.

Press Release:
Creative, a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, announces that the award-winning, credit card-sized ZEN is available across Europe with memory sizes all the way up to 32GB.

The new 32GB model offers storage for as many as 16,000 songs,1 up to 110 hours of video,2 or tens of thousands of photos. Its amazing capacity can be extended even further with a standard SD card, as used in digital cameras.

“The 32GB Creative ZEN delivers all the benefits of the original player,” comments Eoin Leyden, Senior Brand Manager for MP3 with Creative Labs Europe. “It has a brilliant 2.5-inch display with 16.7 million colour support that reproduces videos and photos in fantastic quality - yet the entire player remains the size of a credit card.”

The versatile ZEN enables users to enjoy music in unprotected AAC format - tracks ripped from CDs using iTunes software - as well as iTunes Plus downloads. It also supports MP3 and WMA formats and is compatible with music subscription and audio book services. A built-in FM radio and voice recorder complete a fantastic package.

Users wishing to customise their ZEN players can choose from a range of great accessories, including a leather case, silicone skin with cable management, armband, and screen protector. Music lovers seeking an exceptional audio experience will find that optional Creative Aurvana earphones will further enhance the audio capabilities of ZEN players.

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ALien_BRain said...

Sweeeet !


But .. Still at a Ridiculous price of £250 Man..
While in the U.S. its $300 = £150


Creative Fan said...

thats the power of demand and supply dude, Creative is doing well in europe UK and asia, so the price are higher over these region as compared to the US

ALien_BRain said...

I guess you might be right ..
but There is the other issue of VAT in the UK and all the other things..

creative is definately doing well in Europe !

and surely in Asia...

Creative need Sales in the U.S. and Nothing beats their price over there !

Creative Fan said...

yea, US needs to back up abit hehe just received news on the past quarter business update. watch for it

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