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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Creative Introduces Vado Pocket Video Cam

Creative Introduces Vado Pocket Video Cam
Wow, lately, there has been a stream of new product releases. An overhaul of the Creative video cam section is long overdue. Yes, Creative had been making video cam too, though it wasn't widely publicized. This new pocket cam looks cool, thinner than a deck of cards and as light as a cell phone so it fits into your pocket or purse and never weighs you down. And its blogger friendly.

Now with Vado Pocket Video Cam, you can CAPTURE LIFE - SEE IT, SHOOT IT, SHARE IT - ALL IN AN INSTANT

Amazingly Small and Weighing Less Than 3 oz. the Vado Allows You to Shoot Videos and to Easily Post them to YouTube or Photobucket and Share them with Friends and Family at

MILPITAS, Calif., May 13, 2008 - Creative, a worldwide leader in video innovation, today announced the Vado Pocket Video Cam. Small enough to fit easily in your pocket, purse or the palm of your hand, the Vado Pocket Video Cam changes the way video is captured, shared and stored by making it fast, easy and fun.

A breakthrough in video camera design, the Vado Pocket Video Cam at only $99.99 is dramatically thinner and lighter than competing video cameras. Available in silver or hot pink, the Vado Pocket Video Cam is so small and lightweight that it's hard to believe it can capture such high-quality video. With the press of a button you can record life's spontaneous moments, whether it's baby's first steps, awesome sports stunts or hilarious adventures with friends.

Creative's President and COO Craig McHugh describes how the Vado Pocket Video Cam completely changes the experience of shooting and sharing video:

“When you're having a really great time and are experiencing one of life's special or funny moments you'd love to have a video of it, but you don't have your video camera with you. Your camcorder is likely stored away somewhere in a camera bag, because it's too expensive and you're afraid of breaking it. You end up missing many video opportunities and use your camcorder only for planned video shoots. When you finally do get it out to shoot something you have to make sure you have a tape or disc and the batteries are charged before you set up your shot. Chances are you're going to miss that awesome spontaneous moment while you get your camera ready. Once you've shot the video, how are you supposed to share it with anyone? It can be a time-consuming challenge trying to figure out how to get video from your camera or tape, so it remains stuck on the camera or put away somewhere in a box of tapes or discs, and you can't share it with your family and friends.

The Vado changes all of that! We're making shooting and sharing video as easy as taking pictures with a point-and-shoot portable digital camera. The Vado is so small and lightweight that you can have it in your pocket so it's always there, or you can just set it on your coffee table so everyone in the family can use it. It's so inexpensive and easy to use that you don't have to worry. It's always ready to capture spontaneous moments that are once in a lifetime, the type you can't plan for in advance. The Vado doesn't need tapes or discs; it can record up to two hours of high-quality video on its built-in 2GB of memory and it has a removable rechargeable battery, so you can shoot two hours of video on a single charge and you don't have to hassle with disposable batteries.

Just as the Vado makes it super easy and quick to shoot video, it makes it incredibly easy and fast to get the videos off the camera. It has a built-in USB connector so you can just plug it into your PC, just like you would with a thumb drive. The Vado has a software program built right into it that will prompt you to copy the video, or you can just drag the videos directly to your PC. With one easy step, the software can take you to YouTube or Photobucket so you can easily post your videos. When you want to share your videos with only friends and family, you can use, where they can either view or download a copy of the video. provides online storage and creates a web link to videos you've uploaded, so you can share them with anyone.”

Vado Features
• Slim, lightweight, pocket-sized design
• Built-in two-inch color LCD screen
• Removable rechargeable battery
• 640 x 480 VGA video resolution
• Built-in USB connector for PC
• Built-in software program for posting videos to YouTube or Photobucket
• Enable friends and family to download your videos from
• Available in silver or hot pink
• Priced at only US$99.99

Priced at only US$99.99, the Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam is available today at, B&H Photo,,, Fry's Electronics, J&R, and and in colours of silver or hot pink.

Thanks Alien_brain!


ALien_BRain said...

More Creative News :

Here: The Zen Page:

Select 4 GB, and you can change the color to Red which is priced the same.

Dunno why Red :S

Not all that good

Creative Fan said...

Hi alien_brain, noticed there's a red zen but its $10 more expensive, not the same price and its out of stock. guess they may have made changes to it

ALien_BRain said...

You think so ?

what changes you think ??

Creative Fan said...

i was trying to say, you mention that the red zen cost the same as black but its not the same now, you can check it out, we are waiting for it to be re-stock before we announce it. we also noticed that in, its temporarily out of stock too

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