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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SoundBlaster X-Fi Notebook ExpressCard coming soon to a MacBook near you


That’s what Ryan Richards of Creative Labs is saying on twitter:


Testing Beta Mac software for our SB X-Fi Notebook, working like a charm! Wireless music going to the home stereo from MacBook Pro

This makes perfect use of the ExpressCard slot in your Mac which mostly is left unused.


This makes one step for Creative to move into the world of Macs. For long Creative’s products were either irrelevant to Macs or not compatible (mp3 players). Their products have been more towards the PC.

This is a clear indication that Creative listens to your feedback; and continues to innovate and are dead serious about their Audio solutions. I suspect more Creative products to work with Macs and more wireless solutions.

Speaking of Audio Solutions, Creative has its own website for their high end Aurvana (Audio + Nirvana) product range. Creative wishes to think out of the box with this quote on their OEM webpage:


Talking about tweets too, Ryan Schlieper is excited about the revamp of SoundBlaster website.


Excited about the new #SoundBlaster site revamp and blogs going live soon! Stay tuned all. Lots of info coming your way!

Stay tuned for more info.


Jimmyboy88 said...

i also think that besides the US$100 million settlement by creative there must be some agreements which are not revealed to the public. allowing creative to supply audio chips for mac could be one of those hidden deals :)

Code05 said...

Still no x-fi notebook mac driver :-(

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