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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Creative ZiiLabs releases Zii EGG and Plaszma Platform to OEMs and Developers [A Deeper Look]

This is very exciting news!

ZiiLabs releases Zii EGG and Plaszma Platform

ZiiLabs (a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative)  today unveiled the Creative Zii EGG multi-purpose handheld and the Creative Zii Plaszma Operating System and SDK Platform.

The Zii EGG itself is the first handheld “StemCell Computer” that has all the features and benefits of the ZMS-05 chip. Although it resembles many touchscreen devices out there, it is packed with hardware features and covered with Android OS. To begin with a 3.5” 10 point Multi-Gesture Capacitive Touchscreen display, 2 Cameras of which one is HD, 720p HD playback and 1080p HD Output, SDHC slot, up to 32GB built in storage, speaker and a microphone.

The Plaszma OS is going to be Creative’s own Open source Linux based OS supported by the Plasma SDK. More info on that below. 

The Plaszma Platform :

Plasma Platform

The Plaszma platform as shown above consists of the Zii EGG “StemCell Computer”, the ZMS-05 System Module, the ZMS-05 processor itself, Plaszma OS and the Plaszma SDK. The whole Plaszma platform while supporting the Android SDK as well, allows additional HD and 3D performances. This is Creative’s take on the Android SDK to make the Zii EGG device more of their own which provides you, the developer, with better tool-set for the Zii EGG.

The ZMS-05 System Module:

ZMS-05 System Module

ZMS-05 System Module

More in the video below:

The Zii EGG “StemCell Computer” :

The Zii EGG is ZiiLabs’ Developer’s Edition Hardware handheld device for the Plaszma platform. You either have android installed on the Zii EGG or the Plaszma OS. Either way, a developer would be using the Plaszma platform for development work on the device. The EGG has a generous and impressive hardware feature list:


• Capacitive 10-point multi-gesture touch display

• Hardware GPS receiver

• 3.5” 320x480 HVGA true-color display

• Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

• X-Fi audio processing

• 3-axis Accelerometer

• Up to 32GB Internal Flash Storage

• Ambient light sensor

• 32MB NOR (Linux Kernel Boot ROM)

• SDHC slot (supports up to 32GB of external SDHC Card)

• 256MB Mobile DDR RAM

• USB 2.0 Mini-B (MTP and Charging)

• Supports 720p and 1080p HDTVs via HD cable

• Universal Docking connector (USB, Audio)

• Composite video out

• Headphone socket, built-in speaker and microphone

• Dual cameras

• Supports Plaszma OS and Android

    - Forward facing HD camera (720p)

• 1200mAH rechargeable lithium-ion

    - Rear facing VGA camera

• Light weight: 108grams

• Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

• 115 x 62 x 12 mm

• Weight: 104g


Demo of the Zii EGG video:


Dimensions, Comparisons:

The Zii EGG has nearly the exact dimensions to that of the iPhone (115x61x11.6mm) vs (115x62x12mm) Zii EGG. Coincidence?

Zii EGG vs iPhone/sizeasy.comZii EGG

  Capacitive Multi-touch Display:

The Zii EGG has a 3.5” 10 point multi touch capacitive display with a resolution of 320x480. This again is the exact size and resolution as that of the iPhone. However the new 10 point multi touch display is something not seen before. Engadget recently had interviewed Synaptics (a touchpad technology provider) with the same 10 point multi-touch capacitive technology. Creative could have partnered with Synaptics in providing the 10 point multi-touch display. Courtesy of Engadget:

X-Fi audio processing:

We’ve seen Creative fit in their much adored X-Fi sound enhancements into portable devices before such as the Zen X-Fi and Aurvana X-Fi. The Zen X-Fi was speculated and we hope this audio processing isn’t completely software pushed but rather more hardware centric like the Creative Xmod. Can the ZMS-05 SoC handle that? Audio processing most likely would mean the same X-Fi Crystalizer and Expand we saw in the Zen X-Fi. However this is another great acoustic feature to set other handhelds apart.

USB 2.0 Mini-B (MTP and Charging) :

The Zii EGG data transfer protocol is MTP. Which is good news and bad news. Good news is it would work perfectly and seamlessly with your Windows machine. Bad news is, there is no native support for MTP on the MAC OS. I know, you can use XNJB, etc but having no native support on another powerful OS isn’t quite the good news.Some of Creative’s ZEN line up were MTP and Creative had no native support for the MAC.

Ordering the Zii EGG+Zii Plaszma Starter Kit:

You can pre-order the Zii EGG Development Kit at The 32GB Plaszma Platform model will cost you around US $399 and blunt (0GB) model Plaszma Platform for US $199. Here is what you get out of the box of the Zii EGG:

Zii EGG box

(Those are some new headphones I want to know about!)

'Shanzhai' Marketing Program :

"With the ZMS-05 System Module, not only can we simplify and accelerate the development process for all our customers, we plan to further engage the huge 'Shanzhai' OEM market that is proliferating in China today. These 'Shanzhai' OEMs and similar setups around the world may not have brands but have an insatiable appetite for ready-to-go technologies, and can adapt these technologies very quickly to new market opportunities. Moreover, they are very efficient and can move very fast. Using our modules, they can leverage on our state-of-the-art technologies and brand equities to bring a plethora of high quality and low cost products rapidly to market,"

Hock Leow, President of ZiiLABS.

Also mentioned Pricing and Availability:
Volume shipments of the ZMS-05 System Modules are expected in September 2009 with volume pricing starting at US$75. Customers who wish to manufacture or customize the modules themselves can obtain all the hardware design data required for US$5,000. Specifics of the “Shanzhai” OEM Marketing Program will be detailed later. For more information, please visit the Contact Us section at: .


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There's another video showing gameplay on the zii egg. Catch it at

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thanks for the tipoff! :)

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