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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ZiiLabs Chip's Flexibility Suitable For 'Shanzhai' Marketing Program

ZiiLABS new chip ZMS-05 flexibility in usage, make it suitable for the 'Shanzhai' Marketing Program. 'Shanzhai' (simplified Chinese: 山寨; pinyin: shānzhài) refers to Chinese knockoff and cheap brands and goods, particularly electronics. Because of the low cost in production, it will normally lead to outstanding sales performance of the "shanzhai" products, (usually lower than $50), multi-functional performance and flexibility in design. Although "shanzhai" companies do not use branding as a marketing strategy, they are known for their flexibility of design to meet specific market needs.

Singapore – 28 July 2009 – ZiiLABS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. today unveils its ‘Shanzhai’ OEM marketing program with the announcement of the ZMS-05 System Module, the latest in its recently announced range of Plaszma Platforms.

"With the ZMS-05 System Module, not only can we simplify and accelerate the development process for all our customers, we plan to further engage the huge 'Shanzhai' OEM market that is proliferating in China today. These 'Shanzhai' OEMs and similar setups around the world may not have brands but have an insatiable appetite for ready-to-go technologies, and can adapt these technologies very quickly to new market opportunities. Moreover, they are very efficient and can move very fast. Using our modules, they can leverage on our state-of-the-art technologies and brand equities to bring a plethora of high quality and low cost products rapidly to market," said Hock Leow, President of ZiiLABS.

This compact, media-rich module is based on the industry standard SODIMM connector and combined with Plaszma software can significantly reduce the design and manufacturing complexity for developers looking to create next-generation media-rich devices and applications.

The low-energy module features a wide range of integrated functions to meet the most demanding applications, including ZMS-05 processor, 256MB RAM, integrated PMU and Audio DAC, Ethernet, 16MB NOR Flash (Linux kernel Boot ROM), USB 2.0 controller, JTAG, three HD Video Ports, HD TV Output, three SD/SDIO controllers, NAND Flash, IDE, GPIOs, UARTs, I2S and I2C. At only 67 x 40mm, the compact module delivers advanced StemCell Computing in about half the size of a credit card.

Based on the ZMS-05 processor, the ZMS-05 System Module supports advanced UI capabilities, multi-format audio and video, web browsing, OpenGL® ES 3D graphics, content streaming and 1080p HD video output. Customer baseboard and software development is made easy through the standard SODIMM connector and rich Board Support Package (BSP). Built-in support for the next generation of ZMS processors extends the lifespan of customer baseboards through a simple ‘click-in’ upgrade.

“Our partners are developing solutions across a broad range of consumer and embedded devices and we aim to make their design-in process as easy as possible,” said Tim Lewis, Director of Marketing, ZiiLABS. “The ZMS-05 System Module just propels ease-of-use to the next level. By abstracting all the design, manufacturing and software complexities into an off-the-shelf module, we can offer our partners faster time-to-market.”

About the ZMS-05 System Module
· ZiiLABS ZMS-05 Media-Rich Applications Processor
- Flexible StemCell Media Processing Array
- Dual ARM926-EJS Cores
· 256MB 64-bit Mobile DDR Memory
· 16MB NOR Flash (Linux kernel Boot ROM)
· Power Management Unit
· High-Quality Audio DAC
· 10/100 Ethernet Controller
· USB 2.0 OTG Controller
· Three SD/SDIO/MMC/CE-ATA controllers
· JTAG Diagnostic Port
· Analog Audio Port
· Three high-performance video ports
- Direct connection to LCD and Cameras
· Integrated Analog HD TV Encoder
· General Purpose Interface Bus
- Connect to NAND Flash, IDE Disk Drivers
· I2S, S/PDIF, I2C, GPIOs and Dual UARTs
· Compact form factor 67.85mm x 40mm x 3.80mm
· Industry standard 200-pin SODIMM connector
· Support for Plaszma and Android Operating Systems

The Plaszma Board Support Package enables the rapid bring up of customer specific
baseboard and includes a Linux kernel boot and recovery mechanism, board configuration libraries and a wide range of reference drivers. Support packages are available to assist customers with module integration.

Pricing and Availability
Volume shipments of the ZMS-05 System Modules are expected in September 2009 with volume pricing starting at US$75. Customers who wish to manufacture or customize the modules themselves can obtain all the hardware design data required for US$5,000. Specifics of the “Shanzhai” OEM Marketing Program will be detailed later. For more information, please visit the Contact Us section at: www.ziilabs.com


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