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Friday, July 31, 2009

Games on the Zii EGG: ZiiLABS Partners with Ideaworks3D [with VIDEO]

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Ideaworks3D, a game development company, announced their support for the Zii EGG and Plaszma Platform yesterday. This partnership and support is enhanced by Ideaworks3D’s Airplay™ platform.

A little bit about Airplay™:Airplay SDK

Airplay SDK is a cross-platform technology on a result of an 8 year research and development by Ideaworks3D. It’s basic aim is to produce interactive ‘premium’ games and multimedia applications on mobile and handheld devices. Airplay’s unique features enables developers to simply port a game created in Airplay via it’s Single Binary feature. This eradicates cross-platform dependencies. With award winning titles like “Metal Gear Solid Mobile” by Konami, “Resident Evil: Degeneration” by Capcom, and “Project Gotham Raving Mobile 3D” by Glu,  Airplay™ SDK has proven itself in mobile gaming.


This ensures everyone a very safe hand in developing with the Zii EGG and Airplay™.  With the Zii EGG supporting OpenGL ES 3D graphics with HD content output, Ideaworks3D have partnered with a very capable handheld here. That, along with the fact that porting games via Airplay™ is easier than ever, enables a much wider market and availability for the Zii EGG development.

Airplay™ will made available to all ZiiLabs customers (every developer registered with the ZMS System Module and Zii EGG ).

          Airplay on Zii EGG | OpenGL ES

Tim Lewis, the Marketing Director at ZiiLabs, UK had to say:

“ZiiLABS is committed to providing manufacturers with the best head start in building differentiated consumer devices. As part of this commitment, we are proud to see Airplay integrated with the Zii EGG and our future Linux-based Plaszma platforms. We were pleased to see existing premium-branded games running on the Zii EGG without any requirement for porting or reconfiguration. Airplay is an exciting addition to our portfolio of out-of-the-box solutions for manufacturers looking to enable compelling games and applications on their devices.”

In the latest Press Release by Ideaworks3D’s involvement with ZiiLabs, what appears to be a 16GB model of the Zii EGG as well:

“The Zii EGG offers a sleek, energy efficient handheld platform featuring a multi-touch display, GPS, forward and rear facing cameras, Bluetooth, HDMI, full size SD card slot, 256MB RAM, 16/32GB Flash Memory and Wi-Fi.”

Creative, rather ZiiLabs, have really focused themselves really hard in providing the best Open Source and market to not let the Zii EGG and Zii System Module be missed. It can be really felt here that there pushing the Zii EGG and Plaszma platform to it’s limits, both commercially and technically.

[Ideaworks3D Press Release, Airplay™ SDK]


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