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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 Best Creative Ads

Amongst all the Zii Effect, I took a bit of time to analyse how creative Creative’s adverts are. A bit of irony here is that Creative doesn’t really advertise enough to beat the competition. Below is a list of my top 5 Creative adverts.

1. Creative Zen MicroPhoto

A product much outdated, the MicroPhoto was Creative’s answer to the iPod Mini. Creative were excited in releasing a greater colour version of the Zen Micro. The Zen MicroPhoto was released in early 2005.

The above advertisement ingeniously shows the formation of a butterfly. It all starts with a black and white cocoon (representing Creative’s earlier Zen Micro). It even hints the mesmerising glow which the Zen Micro was unique for. As the cocoon bursts and nearly forms a butterfly, I just love how the blend of colours pop and form out. This very well resembles a new stage of Creative, a new ‘life’ been born, a new Zen. I say, the representation of the butterfly is excellent. It then flies to one of my favourite MicrPhoto picture ( the one with the lady and butterflies all around). Topped with colourful versions of Zen and ripple water effect truly show the ‘vibrance’of Zen.

All that and a trippy music makes this advert so Zen-like. This makes miss the mesmerising glow and rippled back of Zen media players.

2. Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi | Hear it all & Hear it all | X-Fi Titanium card

The above has to be one of the best ad for SoundBlaster. What Creative is upmost famous for, more than their mp3 players, is their SoundBlaster Cards. Creative has a vast knowledge, experience, skill and market for Sound Cards and are leading in sound technologies for the PC. Naturally for every sound enthusiastic, gaming is utter most fun and common. SoundBlaster X-Fi is a perfect and mostly a must for any gamer. Everyone knows that fact, live with it!

The above advert is genius at it’s best. Any gamer clearly recognized the voices and some of you also might remember the days of the sound cards mentioned. The ad stars popular sound clips of games such as Duke Nukem, Half Life, Unreal Tournament, Bioshock and Counter Strike. Its ingeniously assembled into the audio track that captures the heart of any PC enthusiast. Clearly, Creative makes a huge point and mark on their knowledge and success here. Possibly the most rewarding advertisement of and by Creative. Kick-ass!


3. Creative Xdock Wireless

Funky house! It sucks they used an iPod in the video.


4. Creative Zen Touch (Singapore)

This is the most hilarious Creative ad I’ve ever seen.

5. How Speakers Evolve: TravelSound Portable Speakers


Great theme and reference to the evolution of man. This brings notice to their not so famous TravelSound product line.

I’m very keen on seeing a Creative advertising for the Zii. As this is their new direction and plan for the company, it really needs to stand out just like I thought with the other videos. Do let us know your favourite Creative adverts!


Jimmyboy88 said...

i think i like the xdock wireless ad. looks cool to have your music in every room of your house. it will be a great party at home :)

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