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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Upcoming 16GB ZEN X-Fi2 Review

Upcoming 16GB ZEN X-Fi2 Review
Upcoming 16GB ZEN X-Fi2 Review
Just received a suprise package from Creative! Boy am I surprised, Creative didnt gave me a standard 16GB ZEN X-Fi2 package which consists of :
1 x Creative ZEN X-Fi2 player
1 x Quick Start Leaflet
1 x Creative EP-630 Earphones (in-ear)
1 x USB Cable

On top of these, they gave me :
1 x Creative ZEN X-Fi2 screen protector
1 x Creative ZEN X-Fi2 leather case
1 x Creative ZEN X-Fi2 A/V cable
1 x Creative ZEN X-Fi2 Silicone Skin

Courtesy of Creative!

I will be doing a close-up review of the ZEN X-Fi2, Creative's latest 3" touch screen ZEN mp3 player.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

u got it free . naturally you not gonna be honest with your review.

Jimmyboy88 said...

i will try to be objective :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, since you're affiliated with Creative, could you tell me what on earth happened to Creative Labs in Canada? I can't buy ANYTHING creative here anymore it seems, which is a shame since I love the zen. Any word on whether I'm going to be able to get a Mosaic in Canada ever?

Jimmyboy88 said...

you can get it online from us.creative.com i am sure they ship to canada too

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Creative would pass you review units. I rather they pass it to epizenter or nothing but creative ... this site is pretty crappy IMO.

Anonymous said...

Cut costs so many countries' tech support and sales shut down. This site is more pro-creative as the owner is a shareholder of Creative. Creative's last hope is China's no-brand market. If the no-brand choose to upgrade to Intel/Qualcomm/Marvel/Nvidia/Samsung/TI, then too bad for Creative. Even their vado's future of capturing more market share is uncertain now that Flip is under Cisco systems with wifi to come in. They have strong balance sheet and US$250million cash to bleed for a few years though.

Jimmyboy88 said...

Creative gave us the zen x-fi2 so in their eyes we are not crappy ok?

we are a creative fansite remember? :)

creative is in a tough time now and they will pull through just need some time and a little bit of lucky :)

Anonymous said...

They are likely to earn a profit sometime down the road but I don't think they will be as profitable as before as they won't be able to dominate as before. They are getting too slow in their OS development (for e.g. Zii Egg). Software is their weakness and they shouldn't go into it on their own. Their share buyback should help support your stock prices and maybe get closer to its NTA of S$6.60 and perhaps one day S$7+. After say another 8 to 10 years of share buy back (assuming 10% every year), sim will virtually own the whole of Creative shares.

Anonymous said...

well, looking forward to your review then! When will it be out?

Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't know then, the US Creative site ships through amazon.com which explicitly stated when I tried to buy one that they will not ship to Canada. Has Creative completely abandoned the Canadian market? There are virtually no creative products available at futureshop/best buy here...

Jimmyboy88 said...

thanks for the info
we knew about the fulfillment to amazon.com. this means that they are cutting costs by doing this. amazon is helping to stock their products, so some savings on the warehouse expenses

i am so sorry amazon do not ship to canada. let me help you to ask this question

Anonymous said...

hey when will the review be out? I would like to read your review before making that decision to buy. Maybe can just give an initial review and some pics?

Jimmyboy88 said...

i am working on the video. its taking me alot of time. thanks for your patience

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is a bit unfortunate. I emailed Creative through their website asking them where I could buy their products in Canada or if they had any partners who ship to Canada, and they basically didn't answer my question and just told me to google it.

Sigh, I guess I am zen-less this Christmas.

Jimmyboy88 said...

Hi Arianna
have you tried amazon.ca, you can get creative products from there
Merry Christmas!

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