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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zii Is Creative's Future

The first part of the AGM 2009 is about shareholders' passing of resolutions, so its quite boring:

The 2nd part is the best part. This is also the part I enjoyed most. You can ask Mr Sim any questions about Creative.

You should be there and see it all by yourself. When someone was asking a question regarding the new product called Zii. You can see Mr Sim's face beaming with light and he was very anxious to answer the question. That guy just asked one statement question and Mr Sim can continue talking about Zii, the first Zii chip ZMS-05, Zii operating platform called Plaszma and on. He got disrupted and was later invited to answer the next questions. These are the summary notes of what happened during this question and answer session. You can listen to the audio yourself and hear Mr Sim speaks in person.

1. Zii has a long history. It actually goes back to 10 years ago when the first ZEN mp3 player was made. The Zii operating platform was actually instilled inside the ZEN mp3 players that we owned. I was always quite amazed that we can reset our zen and when in recovery mode, we can reboot, cleanup or format it just like a computer operating system. So now I know, its actually the Zii platform and we are currently owning a piece of it :)

2. Creative is now focusing on the China market as a OEM manufacturer and armed with the 'Shan Zhai' marketing strategy Creative should succeed in China. Mr Sim believes that this is the direction Creative should be sailing ahead. The China market has valued resellers which are fast and efficient, hungry for technology. Creative will find its niche in this market. Mr Sim is also very confident that the Chinese manufacturers cannot immitate the Zii chip. It cannot be cloned. More news regarding this will be revealed later in the coming months. Watchout for it @ mycreativefansite.com :)

3. Creative Zii platform is like Microsoft's Windows and Google's Android. Creative is better :) No other company in the world now owns the chip and a operating system, only Creative.

4. The Google Andriod that is running on Zii will not be any other Android handphone or portable device. The Zii platform will optimized the Android and make it work better. No other Android will be the same as the Android running on Zii platform.

5. Zii can come in many different forms, it can be a mp3 player, a netbook, handphone, GPS device, or even a MediaBook. This ebook reader was recently announced.

6. Creative will be venturing into 4G WiMAX devices and this is the future. 3G networks will be phased out. Like Mr Sim says '3G video sucks!'

7. Creative will be taking on the business model which is similiar to Nvidia or Intel. They will selling chips to hundreds, if not thousands of manufacturers.

8. During the session, you can hear that Mr Sim still dislike Apple's Steve Jobs and the iPods. Listen carefully and you may be able to catch it :D


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