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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Creative Breathes Life Into Zii

ZiiLife is a Complete Software, Services and Content Suite to Complement Innovative Zii Powered Devices to Enable New Businesses. This is a whole new Zii ecosystem for OEMs/Manufacturers using the stemcell Zii chip, as this offer a gateway for them to gather together, provide valuable user experience, learn and update from each other.

Featuring Prominently in the Comprehensive ZiiLife Service Platform Line-Up is ZiiMeet - The Next Generation 7MTM Collaborative Conferencing System

Singapore – 1 December 2009 – Creative Technology Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, and Zii Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd., today announced the launch of the ZiiLife suite of software, services and content as avital constituent of the overall Zii Ecosystem during the inaugural Zii Summit 2009 held in Shenzhen, China.

The ZiiLife Service Platform offers a complete suite of market-ready end-user service solutions in domains such as communications, education and entertainment. Consisting of ZiiMeet, ZiiVue, ZiiAcademy and ZiiApps, ZiiLife enhances the value of the services offered together with the Zii Hardware Platform for OEMs/Manufacturers, as this comprehensive suite of solutions delivered under a universal user gateway would provide seamless user experience and value for their customers. The focal point of the ZiiLife suite is ZiiMeet.

ZiiMeet – The Next Generation 7MTM Collaborative Conferencing System
ZiiMeet is a highly-scalable Multi-Purpose, Multi-View, Multi-Platform, Multi-Medium, Multi-Host, Multi-Party and Multi-Device collaborative conferencing solution that works on PC, Mac and Zii Powered devices. ZiiMeet allows different parties to communicate and broadcast themselves ‘live’ simultaneously across different devices and platforms.

1. Multi-Purpose
ZiiMeet offers the flexibility of application to a wide range of scenarios such as in the areas of communications, education, entertainment and security. Users can remotely broadcast their own concerts ‘live’, participate in online classroom sessions, video conference with multiple parties and even install remote surveillance in the home or office. Users and partners are also free to customize their own conferencing solutions to suit their needs with the available SDK.

2. Multi-View
Users are able to experience multiple points of view with patented technology for distortion-free 360° real-time HD video capture with a fisheye lens camera. Users can have simultaneous multiple viewing angles with zoom and pan capabilities.

3. Multi-Platform
ZiiMeet works across different platforms including the Plaszma™ OS and Windows OS.

In the near future, users can also look forward to compatibility with Windows Mobile, Linux® OS, Android™ OS and Mac OS.

4. Multi-Medium
ZiiMeet users can share information in different mediums during a video conferencing session, including text, graphics, voice, video and even MIDI music.

5. Multi-Host
ZiiMeet can extend communication to various other hosts such as instant messaging hosts including Yahoo and MSN, and with Google-Talk and other communication

6. Multi-Party
Flexible connectivity with one-to-one or one-to-many video calls. Utilize collaboration tools such as virtual white-boarding and document sharing to conduct efficient multiple-party conferences.

7. Multi-Device
ZiiMeet works across different device platforms, including notebooks, netbooks, PCs, dedicated video conferencing devices like Project Lionfish, Project Turtle and InPerson, mobile phones, LAN phones and portable media players like the Zii EGG.

ZiiVue operates as a rich media aggregator and distribution hub, boasting a wide variety of content offerings such as HD movies, music, and TV media. ZiiVue is a cross-platform media gateway for content developers, musicians, publishers and producers to showcase their content, while leveraging on Creative’s global infrastructure and partner network.

ZiiAcademy is the future of education, paving the way towards a collaborative model for knowledge acquisition and assimilation. ZiiAcademy allows users to explore the information world in an interactive and immersive learning experience, and engage in live discussions.

Future Books with embedded video, text-to-speech, dictionaries, online tutorials and even engaging in live dialogue with lecturers or textbook authors can be encompassed in ZiiAcademy, revolutionizing educational pedagogy as we know it. By further working closely with renowned international publishers, key textbook publishers and educational authorities, ZiiAcademy will greatly enhance the learning experience of school kids and make teaching more fulfilling.

ZiiApps works with developers to produce game offerings, applications and utilities that support the Zii Platform. Developers who work on the Plaszma SDK can upload their applications to the ZiiApps store, which offers global support and distribution.

Creative and Zii Pte Ltd are seeking potential partners to develop new business models that harness ZiiLife’s suite of value-added services to provide end-to-end comprehensive Zii solutions.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Creative stock not going up despite all the good news?

Jimmyboy88 said...

maybe no concrete announcement of any big manufacturers using the zii chip. if someone like dell or hp are using it then the stock price will shoot up :)

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