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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Google Phone Nexus One Is Coming. So How Creative?

Google phone is finally going to debut soon.

GOOGLE'S smartphone, Nexus One, could hit the United States market as
quickly as the next three weeks.

According to wire reports, Google’s 20,000 employees, who received the device just before last weekend, are testing the handset.

Google already has a foot in the mobile business through Android, its operating system' used to power smart phones ITom vendors like HTC, LG and Samsung.

With Nexus One, it will be the first time the search giant is getting into the hardware business. Its move is seen as' an effort to gain more influence over how the Web is used on mobile phones.

Google declined to comment on the reason for Nexus One's development.
The phone is made by Taiwan's HTC Corp but it would carry only Google's branding. It is likely to be unlocked, meaning that it can be used on any telco.

Consumers will be able to buy it directly from Google.

Google needs a device specially created, designed and crafted to show off Android's full potential rather than rely on third-party vendors.

However, if it wants to make a compelling case for consumers to switch to Nexus One, then it needs developers to create mobile apps, something that Apple's iPhone has in spades.

A couple of issues are still hazy. First, since the Nexus One is to be sold directly to consumers, will Google set up its own stores or will it sell through distributors?

Second, price. Most handsets are subsidised by telcos which means that the phones are heavily discounted.

If Nexus One is sold directly to consumers, prices are expected to be high. This could mean that Nexus One will not make much of a dent in the mobile phone market.

Third, what will be the impact to those manufacturers making Android phones like Creative, HTC, etc? Google is going to bite a big chunk of Android phone's market share off these smaller manufacturers and leave them stranded.


Anonymous said...

It's like Microsoft getting into mp3 player market with Zune and Zune HD. Good luck!

Jimmyboy88 said...

yea boss exactly
its not going to be easy now

Anonymous said...

As long as they continue to spend money to buy back shares in the open market, their share prices won't fall. May even rise a bit.

Jimmyboy88 said...

that is good for the shareholders too :)

Anonymous said...

Worrying about shareholders is why Creative is releasing "safe" products that have lesser risk of being an utter failure.

No you cant rationalise the Zii or Google phone to Zunes in the mp3 market. Zune were pretty much designed from scratch and their inexperience in the market with the short lifespan of technology made Zune less successful than it could have been. The Zii and Google phone are more or less half complete because Android is maturing very quickly so half the work is done and Google or Creative can put more effort into the hardware.

As long as their stemcell processor works as advertised then it should be exciting times on the smart phone market.

Jimmyboy88 said...

yea moving to oem manufacturer business model is more stable and less risk as they not exposed to consumer market directly

lets see what the zii phone can do :)

Varuna Singh said...

You guys have a point and I agree with you , but I think its making people unhappy that Creative (or anyother OEM, ODM) isn't coming up with a consumer Zii product. I want to fall in love with a Zii product as some one said : " as long as their stemcell processor works as advertised". Sadly none yet. People are being skeptic about this approach, just like people were when Google released an Open software platform, Android.

Jimmyboy88 said...

i think right now creative is cautious about launching new products if they are not sure if they can capture the market. another point is that i think they want others to start the ball rolling first and if things are good then they will launch their own zii products

Anonymous said...

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