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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Zii Summit Video

Some good fellow has uploaded a 2 part video on the Zii Summit which was held Dec 1st – 2nd 2009. The videos include speeches by none other than Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative and product/project demonstrations.

Both these videos aren’t in English but it gives you a general view of how the Zii Summit went. I recommend you have a look and notice things as I do so.

Part 1: Venue, Registration and Speech

Part 2: Product Showcase

A few things that worth mentioning in the video:

From CEO Sim Wong Hoo, to Hock Leow,president of ZiiLabs can be seen.

Project Trinity android browser:

Project Trinity Android Browser

Zii EGG:

The new UI for media navigation under Plaszma OS, the Zii EGG HD Video Playback, 3D Games, 3D GPS Navigation,

Zii EGG Photo UI Zii EGG HD Video Playback 3D GPS Navigation on Zii EGG

3D Games on Zii EGG 2 3D Games on Zii EGG 

Project Athena:

There seems to be a PCB of “Project Athena”. This was spotted in the phones section and appears to be a phone prototype. A ZMS 08 version?

Project Athena Smart Phone PCB

Project Web Box, Project LionFish:

Project Web Box appears to be some sort of Media player for the HDTV. LionFish is Zii’s communications device. Not much apart from that is known to me at this moment.

Project Web Box Project LionFish

Zii EGG SoundFont Synthesizer:

Earlier this year, we spotted a Creative patent that enables a device to act as a medium of an instrument. ZiiLabs’ SoundFont seems just that. It synthesises a particular musical instruments based on your option. (here the keyboard). We’ve seen Creative having a big passion for music with their musical keyboards and MIDI devices and with the Zii EGG, that trend seems to be pushing.

Transform Zii EGG into a pocket-sized music synthesizer by docking into a Midi Keyboard.

  • Sound Blaster Quality Midi on mobile devices.
  • True music rendition and wide range of musical instruments with SoundFont technology.
  • Audio effects and Midi can be accessed via Plaszma API. “


Zii EGG SoundFront Synth Zii EGG SoundFront

Project Neutron (using ZMS 05), ZMS-08 Video Hub:

Project Neutron ZMS 05 ZMS 08 Video Hub


Update: Shorter video segments and photos can be found here.

A Very Happy New Year 2010 to everyone! :)


Jimmyboy88 said...

nice catch! didnt know you understand chinese ;)

Varuna Singh said...

lol, I still don't.. thanks :) good to be back.

Jimmyboy88 said...

welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

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