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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Creative releases their first noise cancellation in ear earphones: the EP-3NC



The EP-3NC is Creative’s first NC in ear earphones rated in reducing 90% significant background noise. Being an in ear earphone, they act as noise isolation as well.

Monitor function

One feature that is very interesting is the Monitor function. The Monitor function actually reverses the whole Noise Cancellation technique and lets you hear your surrounding instead of the music. This function actually makes sense as the EP-3NC are in ear earphones. So with the Monitor function, you can hear your background without having to take your earphones off. That’s quite a neat little function Creative have built in. Lets see if it works right.

Technical Specifications:

  • Driver Units:
    9 mm Neodymium magnet
  • Frequency Response:
    6Hz - 23kHz
  • Impedance:
    33ohms (Active noise-cancellation turned on)
    16ohms (Active noise-cancellation turned off)
  • Sensitivity (1kHz):
    104dB/mW (Active noise-cancellation turned on)
    102dB/mW (Active noise-cancellation turned off)
  • Input Plug:
    3.5mm gold-plated stereo miniplug
  • Cord Length:
    1.3m Oxygen-Free Copper cable
  • Net Weight:
    27g (without packaging)
  • Power Supply:
    1 x AAA battery
  • Battery Life:
    Up to 100hours

A single AAA battery will last these earphones a large 100 hours. These earphones also include an airplane adapter and a travel pouch. EP3NC_pr 

The EP-3NC retails for about £89.99 (~US $140) and available from Creative UK.

[Product Description]


Anonymous said...

Whats the point of this website... theres no review and I can find this info on the creative website.

Varuna Singh said...

We give you news updates making it easier for you. Neither did you stumble upon this news nor did you analyse the main features of this product.

Zensen said...

This is great mate. thanks for the updates!

Jimmyboy88 said...

any news from ces 2010?

Anonymous said...

The owner probably suffered massive paper loss from holding Creative shares like most other shareholders. At least he can get some revenue, occasional free products from Creative for review until some day Creative can start earning from its operations (not merely selling profitable operations/investments to prop up balance sheet/income statement). Creative, prove that you can earn from operations when you release your results later this month, stop artificial support of share prices using share buybacks. Otherwise you are still likely to bleed this whole year and well into next year.

Anonymous said...

having people like you who do not support and talking ur mouth away..if you do not even buy Creative..then how in the hell will they start to make money...

Anonymous said...

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