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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pure Music Everywhere Campaign

Creative is currently marketing the 'Pure Music Everywhere' campaign in which they redefine your music listening experience with solutions which are PURE MUSIC to your ears. It is made up of 3 main categories.

The first category is Pure Wireless Speaker led by its flagship ZiiSound D5, followed by Inspire S2 2.1 speaker which won the Bluetooth SIG CES 2010 award and D100 / D200 bluetooth wireless speaker.

The Second category is Pure listening led by the latest Aurvana In-ear2, EP-3NC and HS-930i.

The last category is Pure Music On-The-Go which is made up of Creative's latest ZEN mp3 players, the ZEN X-Fi Style, ZEN Style 300 and ZEN Style 100.

We will be providing comparison charts for all these categories so that you know which products suit you best :)


Anonymous said...

For your info, they sold 5 Ziisound D5 in the whole of US over the last week...5/1000000 target to turnaround...

Anonymous said...

Defence business for Creative too?

P.S. Creative definitely has way more than 14% stake in Grandeye.

Varuna Singh said...

Just 5 ? Whats up with Creative ?

The speakers market is too crowded for Creative to be standing out of the crowd. They need to do more stuff. Especially with their THX partnership.

I havent played with the ZiiSound, but Bluetooth really pulls me off as opposed to the Xmod wireless technology.

Why isn't that advertised or continued ?

Anonymous said...

Xmod wireless is currently the top seller sound card at Amazon.com:

Anonymous said...

According to their quarter financial statements, US$15mil R&D per quarter x 4, sufficient to support 800 engineers....what have they been busy with? So far the products we have seen don't need so many engineers...

yll said...

I know they have a few zii products up their sleeve. Just watch out for them

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