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Monday, June 28, 2010

Creative THX TruStudio Pro Found In MSI Wind Top All-in-One PCs and F-Series Notebooks

The MSI Wind Top All-in-One PC and F-Series Notebooks are launched in early Jun 2010. But it is official that these latest MSI products uses Creative's THX TruStudio Pro which will let users experience the Fullest Audio Experience for Music, Movies and Games. They are the first product in the world to use THX TruStudio Pro. We hope to see more of such OEM news coming up.

SINGAPORE – 24 June 2010 – Creative Technology Ltd. today announced that its THX TruStudio Pro audio technology is featured in the award-winning MSI Wind Top All-in-One PCs and F-Series Notebooks. THX TruStudio Pro is designed to bring the same great audio experience found in live performances, films and recording studios to the PC. Announced at the recent Computex 2010 in Taipei, the latest MSI models that feature THX TruStudio Pro are the first All-in-One PCs and Notebooks in the world to benefit from the result of years of collaborative research and development from Creative and THX, two of the biggest names in sound.

Built to effortlessly run HD movies and sophisticated 3D games, the latest models from the MSI Wind Top All-in-One PCs offer theatre-like multimedia capabilities enhanced by superior builtin audio technology. The ultimate blend of art and technology, the new F-Series Notebooks from MSI are proof that the fashion-conscious can parade high-tech products while not compromising on style.

“MSI is proud to be the world’s first PC manufacturer to include the cutting-edge Creative THX TruStudio Pro audio technology in our latest Notebook PC and All-in-One PC” said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Director. “Creative has an extremely strong heritage in audio excellence, and we believe our cooperation will continue to push the boundaries of multimedia entertainment on the PC.”

“With increased adoption of the All-in-One PC and Notebook platforms, we are excited to work with MSI to advance the standards of PC audio by delivering THX TruStudio Pro audio technology to these platforms for the first time” said Steve Erickson, Vice President and General Manager for Audio and Video at Creative.

THX TruStudio Pro provides the latest groundbreaking technologies that are products of years of collective experience and research by Creative and THX. Together, these technologies deliver the fullest audio experience for music, movies and games, while remaining true to the source and intention of the artists who created them.

The THX TruStudio Pro suite of technologies features THX TruStudio Pro Surround™, THX
TruStudio Pro Crystalizer™, THX TruStudio Pro Speaker™, THX TruStudio Pro Dialog Plus™
and THX TruStudio Pro Smart Volume™.

THX TruStudio Pro Surround provides immersion control to enhance the natural sense of audio depth and spaciousness by creating virtual surround sound channels. Stereo content or multichannel content played over stereo speakers and headphones will sound as if it is coming from all sides while voices remain centred in front and original balance and timbre is preserved.

THX TruStudio Pro Crystalizer restores the natural dynamic range that is lost when iTunes and MP3 music gets compressed. This makes the music sounds as good as the artist originally intended, and adds an enhanced level of realism for movies and games.

THX TruStudio Pro Speaker fills in the missing low frequency tones and gives the extra impact for a better entertainment experience. Consumers no longer have to tolerate lack of bass in speakers built into notebook PCs, 2.0 speakers or headphones, as THX TruStudio Pro Speaker technology dramatically improves the sound experience without a subwoofer.

THX TruStudio Pro Dialog Plus enhances the voices in movies for clearer dialogue, allowing the listener to hear the dialogue over the rest of the soundtrack and over ambient noise in the listening environment.

THX TruStudio Pro Smart Volume addresses the problem of abrupt volume level changes during playback and between songs by automatically and continuously measuring volume, and intelligently applying gain and attenuation to compensate for those changes.

THX TruStudio Pro audio technology will be featured in the following All-in-One PC models from MSI – The Wind Top AE2420 3D / AE2420 / AE2280 / AE2260. THX TruStudio Pro
audio technology will also be featured in the latest models from the new F-Series Notebooks from MSI.

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Anonymous said...

Go and do a trustudio pro review. I have not seen any. Be the first.

Jimmyboy88 said...

that depends on creative unless they have their own products such as netbook, laptop, desktop or mediabook using thx trustudio :)

Anonymous said...

Mediabook will not have trustudio pro, at least not for 1st gen. I am very sure because technically need more time to implement and they already got one dream list to implement. Maybe x-fi. I mean review trustudio pro USB or pcie.

Anonymous said...



* Fixes a playback issue whereby music intermittently stalls.
* Ensures that the Camera GPS coordinates are not truncated.
* Fixes a MTP file transfer issue when the file size is a multiple of 32 KB.

Added Features and Enhancements:

* Includes an Email application.
* Desktop
- Includes 3D Desktop option in Settings>General.
- Application installation starts automatically.
* Photo
- Includes a 3D slideshow.
* Clock
- Enables the Alarm and Timer functions.
* Web Browser
- Includes a Web browser applet that enables you to configure the Web Browser from Settings>Applications Settings



This version of the Plaszma™ SDK Libraries and API addresses the following issues:

* MTP file transfer issues for file sizes that are multiples of 32 KB.
* AV Player bug when requesting a backward video playback.
* IME/Qwerty keyboard bug where overlapped words display in the popup window when the keyboard language is switched.
* Chinese font corruption issue in Cairo.
* GPS coordinates truncation for negative values.


* General updates include the following:
o Updated Wi-Fi driver to be in sync with that used in Android.
o Improved video responsiveness when playback is set to normal speed after fast forwarding/rewinding (playback rate change).
o The audio will not be automatically routed to Bluetooth when a Bluetooth audio device is detected. Applications will have to explicitly call the appropriate function to set Bluetooth audio output.

* Additional and updated methods in the Framework, Skin Widget, and Layout Widget.

Refer to the included document Release Notes for Plaszma SDK for the details of the above mentioned updates.

* Getting Started Guide 1.01.05 is updated with information on installing MTPFS and other 3rd-party software.

Anonymous said...

Zii Egg "hatch" is "imminent". But oops, it is slightly different from its mummy. I will be buying more Creative shares tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Creative has huge net cash relative to share price. Bulk of assets is cash. Goodwill and technology less than modestly included in balance sheet.

Anonymous said...

This is bad for mediabook:

Anonymous said...

They have 6 months as cisco tablet will only be available 1Q 2010. Not exactly what mediabook aims to achieve but certain features overlap, video con and collab. Cisco specs fit zms-08 well but unlikely it will be zii powered.

Jimmyboy88 said...

zii egg hatching? its about time, logically it should be different from the mother as tech has advanced and if it uses the old zii egg features, it may be obsoleted

Anonymous said...

You should login to ziilabs developer to see what's going on. The new firmware looks cool, but they are months/weeks away from a consumer edition. First time Creative really get down to do OS/software properly. They should have done that years ago when they had more resources rather than focusing on "rubbish".

Anonymous said...

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