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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Make Free Video Calls Using Skype-like ZiiMeet

Do you want to make free video calls to a few overseas friends and talk to them at the same time? Well, I got just the solution for you :)

Creative folks invited me to check out Creative's Skype-like software package called ZiiMeet similar to video conferencing. You can make free ZiiMeet-to-ZiiMeet calls too.

What is ZiiLife?
ZiiLife is made up of ZiiMeet, ZiiDisk and ZiiJournal. So what do these Zii thingy mean to me?

What is ZiiJournal?
You can use ZiiJournal to share your pictures and contacts online simply and quickly. Its not just a ordinary file sharing host like flickr, ZiiJournal streamlines the traditionally tedious process of uploading, organizing and sharing your online pictures.

What you need to do is to upload your photos into ZiiDisk. And your photos are appear in ZiiJournal like a photo gallery.

What is ZiiDisk?
ZiiDisk store, retrieve and share files online. ZiiDisk supports all file formats. Eg, PDF, DOC, PNG, MP3, WMA, M4A
Zii trinity phone
ZiiMeet works on Plaszma™ and Windows® Operating System
Currently, ZiiMeet works across different platforms including the Plaszma™ OS and Windows® OS. In the near future, users can also look forward to compatibility with Windows Mobile®, Linux® OS, Android™ OS and Mac OS®. Which means that in the meantime, it can work on your windows mobile phone if you happens to own one. There's going to be a new release of ZiiMeet for Zii Egg. But for us, we can only try this out on my laptop and not on my android phone :(

Free ZiiMeet-to-ZiiMeet call
With ZiiMeet, talk is cheap. Call rates start from a low, low US$0.021/min, with a wide network spanning over 140 countries. And if it's a ZiiMeet-to-ZiiMeet call, the call is FREE. This is a great way to keep in touch cheaply with friends and family abroad with ZiiMeet outgoing calls.
This is a list of countries and calling rates.

ZiiMeet Installation is a breeze
So how do you get started?
1. Just sign up for the free starter plan.

2. Make sure you meet the system requirement of (though I considered it kinda high requirement):
Core 2 Duo at 2.33Ghz or higher
Fast (cable) internet connection preferred
3. Then download and install the ZiiMeet software in your 'Software' section under your newly signed up account.
4. You are online!

You can signup for free. Just invite 3 of your friends and you can enjoy:
1. Unlimited ZiiMeet video calls. You can invite up to 5 people in a group chat!
2. 1GB of ZiiDisk storage.
3. Access to ZiiJournal
Note: in the free starter plan, you will not have any free credits to make any global voice calls.

If you sign up for a 3 month beta plan package for US$9.95 you will be able to enjoy:
1. 450 min of global talk time.
2. Unlimited ZiiMeet video calls and
3. 1GB of ZiiDisk storage.
4. Access to ZiiJournal

It’s interesting to note that Creative is not only work on their hardware products such as their usual zen or sound blaster. They are also venturing into software aspect such as ZiiLife which comprises of ZiiMeet, ZiiDisk, ZiiJournal.

It seems like the ZiiMeet is still in preliminary stage as it can only work on Zii Plaszma and Windows only. There's currently no mobile devices operating on Plaszma platform in the consumer market yet, but I am sure it is coming soon :) We will be keeping an eye on the Zii ecosystem and will update you with every Zii news.


Anonymous said...

Finally, you did something on this...

Anonymous said...

Sim can learn from Ron Sim...use his own money to buy in the open market to show confidence in his company and execute sharebuy backs and report to SGX to show that it has been done.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I expect big "pop" in Creative share prices possibly within days. Creative has very big ambition...aim high is good...especially when the mobile and connected market is very very fragmented...mediabook definitely will have news before oct 2010 AGM...

Anonymous said...

Ziilabs, please amend your typo:
"16-million color Active Matrix with 480x600 resolution"
Should be 480x800!

Anonymous said...

Ziilabs, please amend another typo:
Under Press Room, Partner Announcements, the date was 2009/07/30 for Creative Launches ZiiLife : A Complete Software, Services and Content Suite to Complement Innovative Zii Powered Devices to Enable New Businesses.
It should be 1st Dec 2009!
After that then your stock can rally...

yll said...

someone told me to work on ziilife :) sorry it took a while

you think mr sim not anxious about his creative share price. his salary is $1, if no dividend or share price down, how does he feed himself? :)

i am watching the creative shares too but its still in major down trend :(

Anonymous said...

Give me proof that his salary is $1.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Osim was trading at 5cents a share just early 2009. Now is well above 80cents. Recently a high of 99 cents.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Creative to topup stock for Zen 32gb in the US. It is the best selling Creative product in US and stocks running low.

Anonymous said...
Did sim ever think of taking Creative private?
Will Creative be Dell's takeover target?

Creative Fan said...

Where to buy Sound blaster x-fi HD usb?

Jimmyboy88 said...

we better hope creative will not go private. at this price, many people will make a big loss

Anonymous said...

Zii has been revealed over a year ago and had big expectations during their summit in Shenzhen. But so far no big ones seem to bite. The spec in the prototype zii phone look impressive then but now all superceeded by the new iphone. Wonder what will happen next?

Jimmyboy88 said...

yea, iphone 4 is 4g too and samsung galaxy s comes with HD video recording, similiar specs with zii trinity phone..

Anonymous said...

Hopefully creative's zii products can hit the market soon besides it collaboration with ARM on the new chip. Otherwise it may have to suffer big write off on all the investments on the zii products.

Anonymous said...

iphone 4 is not 4g.... it's just the 4th generation.

Anonymous said...

iphone 4 doesn't compare to the zms chip at all.
Creative just needs to pump it up to 1Ghz or 1.5Ghz for the zms chip to be overwhelming any other chips used for mobile computing.

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