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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our ZiiSound D5 Review Featured On Creative.com

Just want to share our excitement with all of you! Our ZiiSound D5 Review is now immediately and officially featured on Creative.com's ZiiSound D5 product page under the 'Reviews' section. Woo Hoo!

That's our first review article to be featured on Creative.com and we hope to see more of these in the future! Cheers! Its World Cup time!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mediabook is a very essential thing to have. Creative must do their best on the software side (3to3.5g(your competitors have it)/wifi(windows has done it very well)/apps store/ebook store (ebook standard?)/3D UI(not apple's 2D)/easyway to update firmware/syncwithziilife(no need sync with pc/mac)/x-fi 24bit audio & effects/tightly integrated content, magnifier+highlighter for reading, flash acceleration and flash in browser) apart from hardware (full sd slot, removable batt?, HD cam for video conferencing, ZMS-08?, digital compass/softwareGPS at least, 10pointcapacitivetouch/1280x720HDresolution?, bluetooth support for various speakers and devices(some via future firmware updates)). Ebook will definitely replace most printed stuff within 5 years. You can easily update ebook just like apps for typo, new questions (textbook), updated content, etc which you can never do conveniently for printed content. I don't think it will be ready by this July. Probably Aug/Sep.

Anonymous said...

And an advert store, tie up with sph, you have to let local big boy earn more, say 20-80 and they got more exp and influence. Also, like zii egg, let hardcore people hack and run other stuff, will help marketing. Some people in US/and some Europe countries? hate creative to the core, but once you release a killer and useful device that works properly and periodically updated firmware, with continuity and durable, they will come back.

Anonymous said...

Don't sign any exclusive deal with any spore telco. You will restrict to 1/3 reach, height of stupidity (a major phone maker recently does that). Launch together with big 3 in spore. Your aim is to reach out to every one. In US or China you get 1/3 good enough to win but spore is much smaller and is your restart point. Inevitable you have to compete with apple, at least ipad. You have window till dec, after which you may have to end up like palm (not bad for me because I bought your shares well below intrinsic value).

Anonymous said...

creative SHOULD NOT feature your review . because unlike other review sites, yours is a "fansite" and review "only" creative products. buyers look at reviews from fansites as biased.

Jimmyboy88 said...

if mediabook is real, lets make it happen creative! capture the world's market, Singapore's market is too small but with the help of big telcos and SPH, it can gain a foothold first

Anonymous said...

Also tie up with singapore education service provider on elearning, ehomework, etests/exams before Ipad does so. Once you have concrete grip from students to adults in singapore because of your tight integration and content, even Apple cannot penetrate your market share. They may do better than others in China because they have strong chinese langugage tech background(e.g. Hans vision). Zii Egg might be updated too (hardware a bit rusty, hopefully software can complete soon, give a big update)...perhaps they want to release a mobile phone (but it is pretty overcrowded market). Tablet offers the best opportunity (market still in flux and young) and is the most useful (larger screen, larger battery, more margin for failure!). Creative's biggest failure is not to develop their own platform years ago (when they have more resources). They got kick out by intel (e.g. integrated audio and some standard they set) and microsoft (e.g. directX, zune). Betting on Android only is not safe too, it could end up fragmented or worse still, get kick out by Google. Building their own platform (most expensive) is the only sure way of controlling their destiny. They may have encounter tech difficulties because this is the first time they are doing on a large, integrated scale. And production wise, they may also encounter shortage of components, costs issue, contract manufacturers' delay. Reasonable 2nd half this year we see "miracle".

Anonymous said...

ummmmm..that was a nice dream !

Jimmyboy88 said...

wow you have good imagination

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