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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2 Software

Creative announces Sound Blaster X-FI® MB2™ software suite equipped with THX TruStudio Pro™ and EAX® Advanced HD™ 5.0.

Cutting-Edge Audio Enhancement Technology Debuts on the Latest ASUS ROG Rampage III Formula and Gene Series of Gaming Motherboards. ROG gamers can now play with real cinematic in-game surround sound!

SupremeFX X-Fi 2 delivers incredible gaming audio to ROG users. It features hardware-accelerated EAX 5.0 and OpenAL for ultra-real in-game audio. THX TruStudio PRO delivers the fullest audio experiences for music, movies, and games, while remaining true to the source and intentions of the artists who created it. SupremeFX X-Fi 2 also implements gold-plated jacks and high quality capacitors to ensure high definition adventures in audio.

Which means that with this MB2 software, even onboard audio chip can play high quality audio. No doubt this will interest those who want to enjoy THX TruStudio Pro™ and EAX® Advanced HD™ 5.0 during game play time but do not want to buy a sound blaster card. So who will want to buy Sound Blaster card in the future?

It looks like Creative is slowly transforming themselves from a purely hardware manufacturer to a software company.

I can see that they are also reducing their exposure in the direct retail consumer market. Instead of consumer customers, they are focusing on their customers such as the suppliers and manufacturers for PC/laptop motherboards, sound card makers, etc

SINGAPORE - 29 July 2010 - Creative Technology Ltd. today announced the Sound Blaster® X-Fi® MB2 software suite - a powerful audio platform equipped with cutting-edge audio technologies designed to enhance ordinary PC systems limited by only basic onboard audio. The Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2 software suite builds on the success of the original Sound Blaster X-Fi MB, bringing enhancement of onboard PC audio to even greater echelons. Through THX TruStudio Pro™ audio technology and the latest Creative EAX Advanced HD™ 5.0, users get to enjoy premium audio quality, effects and features on their PC systems.

Gamers can anticipate being blown away by the amazing realism from the unrivalled headphone surround and gaming sound enhancement technologies delivered by the Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2. Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 features state-of-the-art multi-environment rendering and reverb modelling, delivering an ultra-realistic and incredibly immersive 3D gaming experience for powering the next generation of cutting-edge PC games. The additional audio cues provided by EAX can also give gamers a competitive advantage in early detection of enemies.

"We are extremely excited to see the Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2 software going into ASUS Republic of Gamers motherboards, with ASUS being the top manufacturer of motherboards in the world and constantly committed to delivering the most innovative and best performing PC solutions to enhance the gaming experience of power users. Our partnership will continue to push the boundaries of PC gaming audio, providing the much-needed realism and immersion in game-play that modern PC games demand," said Steve Erickson, Vice President and General Manager for Audio and Video at Creative.

Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 allows greater detail and speed in gaming audio and adds a dedicated bass feed for 128 voices, so gaming audio becomes more cinematic. Developers can also add interactive music to games, where the music can change based on actions during game-play.

Additional features of Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 include EAX Voice, EAX PurePath™ and EAX MacroFX™. EAX Voice allows gamers to literally become part of the game by speaking and hearing their own voices with the same effects as the environment their character is in. EAX PurePath delivers the most accurate and cinematic surround sound ever experienced by allowing developers total control over Low Frequency Enhancement (LFE) and which speaker(s) gaming audio is played through, while EAX MacroFX recreates close-up audio so accurately that bullets would never have sounded more frightening as they zip past players' heads only centimetres away.

THX TruStudio Pro provides the latest groundbreaking technologies that are products of years of collective experience and research by Creative and THX. THX TruStudio Pro creates unprecedented levels of audio realism, adds dynamics and punch to every gunshot, explosion and gaming sound; and includes stunning surround effects, producing an incredibly realistic surround sound experience even from just a pair of stereo headphones. The THX TruStudio Pro suite of technologies features THX TruStudio Pro Surround™, THX TruStudio Pro Crystalizer™, THX TruStudio Pro Speaker™, THX TruStudio Pro Dialog Plus™ and THX TruStudio Pro Smart Volume™.

Other audio technologies such as EAX reverbs and a 10-band graphic equalizer allow users to enhance their music even more. These essential audio effects and controls are conveniently placed in a central and intuitive Sound Blaster Console. In addition, a suite of cool players are included to enhance the PC music listening experience, giving users full control over their music streaming and integrating seamlessly with iTunes and Windows Media libraries.

Key Features of Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2
* THX TruStudio Pro audio technology creates unprecedented levels of audio realism, adds dynamics and punch to every gunshot, explosion and gaming sound; and includes stunning surround effects, producing an incredibly realistic surround sound experience even from just a pair of stereo headphones
* Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 features state-of-the-art multi-environment rendering and reverb modelling, delivering an amazingly realistic and immersive 3D gaming experience
* Creative VoiceFX technology allows users to morph their voices into other personas to help players stay in character and add flair to their online role-playing experiences
* Creative ALchemy is a powerful tool that restores EAX effects and 3D surround audio for legacy, DirectSound 3D game titles running on Windows Vista and Windows 7, re-enabling that same great gaming experience
* Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2 comes with native OpenAL support, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of PC games developed with OpenAL for an incredible 3D audio experience

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Anonymous said...

why don't asus use their own sound card technology ?

Anonymous said...

Creative's pc sound tech is still superior and the best, combined with THX. They will continue to hold the defacto standard. Sooner or later it will be ported over to Zii platform. Currently Zii only has x-fi. Trustudio's takers so far: Acer, MSI, Asus. Dell is likely to be next.

Anonymous said...

asus should go for xonar, why creative? .. no idea!

Jimmyboy88 said...

xonar? you mean auzentech? they also use x-fi chip for some of their premium sound cards :)

Dell is a long time creative's partner so is microsoft :)

Anonymous said...

dell likely will use trustudio soon...yet to adopt...winphone7 not yet supported in zii platform...they are still struggling to complete android 2+.

Anonymous said...

Peter Lim might be interested in buying Creative shares in the open market. He has acquired healthway medical, informatics..all singapore companies with long term potential or potential or turning around...yet to invest in singapore tech...

Anonymous said...

xonar is by asus but its eax supported is limited and high price lead to low sales and failure...auzentech is x-fi prelude...srs is more threat to creative in sound for pc.

yll said...

Peter lim only buy penny stock

Anonymous said...

Creative 1 lot is 50 shares. Most other is 1000. At $4 / 20 = 20cents, also penny stock! Peter Lim has not sold off any healthway medical stock. Looks like he is in for the long.

Anonymous said...

Zii EGG Plaszma 1.40.07 release notes


* Web Browser
o Certified by Adobe for running Flash Lite 3.1.
* Keyboard
o Enables Japanese IME Keyboard.


* Web Browser
o Fixes an intermittent crash that occurs when the Web browser starts up.
* Email
o Enables handling of e-mails with incomplete ending.
o Fixes a bug where Base64 encoded text appears as garbage.
* Wi-Fi
o Fixes an intermittent and inconsistent Wi-Fi on/off status when it is repeatedly switched on and off.



* General
o Adds support for Adobe Flash to Web Canvas.
* Framework
o Adds functions to allow an application to create a panel to be displayed on the 3D Desktop when it is minimized.
* AvConfig Virtualization
o Enables virtualization of system audio and video configuration. This means a number of additions and changes to the AvConfig API and behavior.
* Additional Sample Applications
o 3D Panel Demo
Demonstrates API usage in enabling applications to display and update a panel on 3D Desktop
o Adobe Flash Canvas Demo
Demonstrates the use of Adobe Flash Canvas

More updates in Skin Widget modules

Refer to the included document Release Notes for Plaszma SDK for the details of the above mentioned updates.


This version addresses the following issues:

* Video output not being displayed when connected to a DVI monitor
* Memory leaks during application installation
* Unable to get device serial number with the use of Identity_GetSerialNumber() method
* Duplicated line at the end of a text box
* Only 2 lines of text will be displayed if the following methods are called in this sequence: SetText(), SetFont(), and Create()


* Rich multimedia
* Advanced 2D and 3D graphics
* Touchscreen graphical user interface
* Low power consumption
* Localization of applications through UTF-8 encoding and locale-specific resource files
* High performance SIMD processor for media, graphics, and math processing

Read carefully and you will know what I mean (for the past few months)

Anonymous said...

There's nearly always a new setback waiting to be solved. Never done eh!

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Ali said...

Looks like the end of Creative-Asus, judging by the lack of support for the Sound Blaster X-Fi MB-2 for Windows 8. RIP!!!!!!!!!!
Time to throw my Asus ROG board into the trash and get the Gigabyte with the included Sound Blaster X-Fi MB-3 suite!

Anonymous said...

asus = copycat

Anonymous said...

Sim, how's the feeling of being sabo by china again? By the time roar is launched globally, interest died down. So you still have to sell the company away something after jun.

Anonymous said...

I think engadget and cnet also sabo creative by not publishing anything about sound blaster axx 200 and roar.

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