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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zixi & ZiiLABS Showcase Integrated Solution of Live Full HD Over The Top TV (OTT)

Internet TV is going to be the future and its more cost effective. No more expensive cable TV subscriptions. Zixi and ZiiLABS collaborates to bring Live, Full HD TV over the Internet.

Amsterdam, Netherlands and Boston, MA - September 9, 2010 - Zixi LLC., a leading HD Over The Top delivery platform technology provider and ZiiLABS, a cutting-edge media processor and platforms company will unveil the combined solution of a ZiiLABS's SiVO's Blu-ray Digital Media HUB using the Zixi Video Operating System (ZVOS) to deliver live and VOD full HD TV over the Internet, at the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) conference at Zixi's booth, Hall 9, M161.

The SiVO Digital Home Platform provides support for 1080p Blu-ray quality video and delivers a rich Linux and Android based software portfolio including a wide range of media codecs and libraries and support for Adobe Flash Player 10 and OpenGL ES 2.0. The SiVO is based on ZiiLABS' ZMS-08 processor that features a unique flexible StemCell Computing array with 64 fully programmable floating point processing elements that off-load the media processing from the ARM Cortex CPU to deliver superior media capabilities and improved application performance.

"The SiVO platform enables OEMs and ODMs to quickly and efficiently bring products to market that enable users to enjoy and share their multi-format media content in stunning 1080p high-definition at Blu-ray quality with bit-rates of up to 40mbps," said Tim Lewis, Director of Marketing at ZiiLABS. "SiVO is a proven media-rich platform that offers our partners a complete market-ready solution with the built-in flexibility for customization. We are pleased to collaborate with Zixi to deliver the perfect HD OTT platform for broadcast content providers around the globe."

"Users no longer have to deal with Transcoders or Encoders in order to experience full HD over the Internet," said Israel Drori, CEO and Founder of Zixi. "With the Zixi enabled ZiiLABS's SiVO platform, OEM and ODMs now have a complete solution for streaming real-time HD video over the Internet. Zixi's partnership with ZiiLABS gives customers a reliable, easy-to-use platform to experience full, real-time HD streaming over the Internet."

About Zixi LLC.

Zixi's Platform turns high-speed Internet and Intranet connections into Instant Video Delivery Networks, making any website or corporate network a broadcasting hub with standard to HD capabilities. For a fraction of the cost of traditional long-haul video delivery methods like CDN, satellite or dedicated or leased lines, Zixi delivers SD and full HD quality video in real-time to anywhere in the world on any device using existing network infrastructure. Zixi uses patented end-to-end, real-time clock synchronization that enables timely delivery and recovery of lost packets, ensuring low or zero latency delivery of HD video over standard IP connections without quality of service guarantees and without any tradeoffs among resolution, pauses for re-buffering, and startup delay. For more information visit www.zixi.com.

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Anonymous said...

1st taker: grandeye
2nd taker: tattu
3rd taker: zixi
Unfortunately, Jimmy is wrong, the share price never shoot up.

Anonymous said...

Creative is selling everything at offer prices in their retail shop..
It seems a little scary, like they're dying.

Anonymous said...

Trustudio has another taker, packard bell. Creative will have the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

Will Ziilabs be listed?

then Creative will burst pass $10

Anonymous said...

Not likely since the returns will only come in 6 to 12 months. If you just got Creative at S$4, it is the best thing in your life. Patience and you will see it soar like Osim (from 5 cents when people thought it will close shop).

Jimmyboy88 said...

no big takers for zii yet..
HP taking up trustudio? thats great but creative has to share their revenue with george lucas :(

Anonymous said...

packard bell (owned by Acer), not HP. Take 50% of big pie is better than 100% of a slice of bread. But trustudio is not the main "story" for the next big rally.

Jimmyboy88 said...

if ziilabs is listed then it will be interesting

Anonymous said...

If ziilabs is listed, it will only benefit stock prices in the short term. Once announced, (as SGX market is very liquid now) it will easily shoot past 10 (it is free marketing and generate awareness). But it will be like last year's Zii effect rally (coined by Jimmy). To see max benefit (triple digits) in long term, keep it 100% owned.

Anonymous said...

Creative seems to be hiding something..
Just can't figure it out yet.

Anonymous said...

Just look at their R&D exp and their latest financial statement comments. Obviously some "killer" Zii products are in the works. Due to competition they cannot unveil when half baked. Transform a company previously in wrong direction takes at least 2 yr and it is about time by end of year. Notice no major updates on their websites for a long while. Most people (punters, brokers, analysts, ex-fans, the wicked, the childish) believe they won't make it and that explains the low share price of 4. Before a company turn around, this is always the case.

Anonymous said...

Creative must learn from archos' failure. Despite intro so many tablets, revenue drops and they still lose $. Reason is simple, their tablets are half-baked software implementation, hardware lacks quality and sound is low quality. Reviewers do not have positive opinion. They got reviewed because there are not many tablets around.

Anonymous said...

Talk about listing, DMX just announced shares available at http://www.otcqx.com/otcqx/ and prices shot up! If Creative does the same, prices will also shoot up and still retain same shareholdings (no dilution).

Anonymous said...

guys there is so much 2-3 engineers can do.......................

Anonymous said...

Lately, market is looking for "excuse" to push share prices up. DMX today is an example (I gain some from it). If Creative can offer one (slightly more significant than recent announcements), prices will shoot up (much more than DMX in terms of percentage).

Anonymous said...

i had been collecting creative shares at an average price of about 4.03 for past 2 wks...reasons being i believe something big is going to happen, and out of 10 people i ask, 11 of them ask me dont bother about creative as it is gone...thats why i decided to take a big stake...buy at most depressive time...i have also prepare fund to buy down if it continues to weaken...i have faith this will thrun around

Anonymous said...

Congrats. You have done the best thing in life. And thank you for defending the $4 line. I got out of DMX and get some at $4.01 today. Stay tuned and enjoy!

Jimmyboy88 said...

you guys really have deep pockets :)

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