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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Glimpse Of ZiiAcademy And ZiiBook

Thanks to another valuable tip, this time let us take you to the Zii Academy:

Discover a richer reading experience with the ZiiAcademy Reader, a touch-enabled digital reading solution for Android. Enjoy multimedia eBooks and learn as you read with interactive features like One-Touch search.

Did you see the Andriod ZiiBook? I have enlarge it in case you missed it :)

Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, ZiiBook is indeed real. You can say it is a dream come true. Nook got a color touchscreen prototype similar to ZiiBook. However, they are at least 6 months behind because the prototype is not yet fully functional. Development and touchup take at least a few months, production will be another few. Someone will update us on the AGM I think. I won't be able to attend. Someone also tipped me that they have other things besides this: ZiiBook, ZiiEagle, Qmax(Wimax) services.

The right stock at the right time and at the right price. I can't think of a better time than now.

Anonymous said...

Creative must not repeat mistake of Zii Egg. Development of Zii Egg started around Jan 2009. Jul 2009 they announced Zii Egg availability around Aug 2009. They also claimed it is platform ready. However, it was far from so. It was only platform ready Aug/Sep 2010 or so and the device cum OS is not that neat. When first announced, it draws a lot of attention and of course "Zii effect" came in, stock rally to 7.6 but fell after that towards 3.99. Takeup rate of Zii and Zii Egg was extremely low. Zii Egg take up rate was so low that Ziilabs allocated little resources to it and spend more on other areas such as my favorite ZiiBook. They spend at least a year (possibly first commissioned R&D in mid 2009) on ZiiBook development and I think it should be much neater than the latest firmware of Zii Egg. To me Zii Egg was just an experiment and a lesson learnt, part of 2yr transformation. The tip said over 2 weeks something interesting will come (more than what I know).

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty good chance Creative will start to outperform market from today, with both technical analysis and fundamental analysis backing.

Anonymous said...

Just a day away from d-day.
Be patient.

Jimmyboy88 said...

let's hope it can capture the market and offer something unique. market is flooded with android tablets from samsung, dell, etc

Anonymous said...

Those tablets are "rough" and "untidy". Creative needs a "neat" one. And the ebook/learning store can be extra revenue source. And development of ZiiBook comes with govt grants.

Jimmyboy88 said...

looks like ziiacademy is the content and if it contains educational materials which students have to download it to their ziibook then its a monopoly for creative :)

Anonymous said...

If all goes according to my vision (or Jimmy calls it "powerful imagination"), then triple digit vision in 2012 is likely.

Anonymous said...

For the first time (as far as I know), Creative releases quarter report before AGM.

Anonymous said...

lofty imagination anonymous investor. you are so vague and flattery that it becomes annoying to read any posts with your comments

Anonymous said...

"wicked one" is back

Anonymous said...
Looks like we see a "shanzhai" taker.
Congrats Jimmy and Creative!

Anonymous said...

Osim is booming mainly due to China consumer market. Ebook market in China set to boom (of course the same for rest of world since most people do not have one). Creative looks set to grab a piece of China share. More good things to come. Join the "ship", "wicked one" or be prepared to be filled with anger, regret, jealousy and hatred for years to come.

lemon said...

rotten egg aka the insider is struggling hard. let me tell ya , you 'ol need to sweat a lot to push the price even slightly up and maintain it. gone are the days of gimmicks, boy...

Anonymous said...

"rotten one/wicked one" has changed name. It does not understand what is investment.

Anonymous said...

...and it isn't Creative with its new name.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha fake arguments between rotten head and wicked one to increase site views. Cool keep going.

Hope it is not Jimmyboy as Anonymous . Ha Ha Ha

Jimmyboy88 said...

thats the problem with Anonymous so confusing sometimes

oh pls! i do not do such things to create viewships

Jimmyboy88 said...

any interesting thing from the AGM?

Anonymous said...

You may have to wait for update from the other shareholder. I am currently out of town. Of course Jimmy does not, he is an honest man unlike the "wicked one".

Anonymous said...

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