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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More About Sound Blaster THX TruStudio Pro Series

Some of us already noticed that Creative is stamping 'THX TruStudio Pro' label across its wide range of products. They are also inviting PC or laptop manufacturers such as MSI, Parkard Bell, Gigabyte to use this standard and hope to make it the must-have worldwide standard. This article from Digitalronyn's Blog confirmed our speculation :)

Creative is proud to have launched their first headset in Sound Blaster Tactic3D lineup. The Sound Blaster Tactic3D Alpha. This headset is fully enhanced with THX TruStudio Pro to go way beyond 7.1 sound and enter the realm of 3D Surround. Why settle for anything lesser?

There are more detailed explanation on how THX TruStudio Pro technology works. You can checkout Digitalronyn's Blog.

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Anonymous said...

creative headsets are good. but build with ultra low quality plastic and break with in days :(

Anonymous said...

yeah ! they should stop stamping THX TruStudio Pro in everything they make. don't be surprised if they come up with "zen x-fi3 THX TruStudio Pro zii vision mp3 plus phone " ha ha ha

hey creative keep some exclusivity ...please!

Anonymous said...

I am around to support Jimmy even if he opposes my views. He is a good man because he doesn't mind "wicked" posts.

Jimmyboy88 said...

THX ZEN mp3 player sounds good :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

THX 3D MP3 player with 3D video/movie playback capabilities at Full HD 1080p through HDMI 1.4.
That would be a amazing.
If anyone at creative/zii could do that in time.

Jimmyboy88 said...

3d is a hype maybe good in the future but now we are still in 2d

Anonymous said...

That's why, plan for it first.
Beat it to apple.
The future is sensors instead of touchy touchy.
3D, touch the air.

Anonymous said...

Outdoor: 4g qmax wimax network
Learning: MOE tie-up. all singapore students will use it eventually. Govt grant, there will be.

Anonymous said...

i will be happy if they all work together and make the 3g perfect in singapore first.

Anonymous said...

It's 4g they are targeting. Sim said before. Qmax is launching 4g and likely ZiiBook synergy. I am not sure about ZiiEagle and not that keen yet. Not possible to be perfect. Ipad and iphone4 has lots of flaws and people still buy like "need".

Anonymous said...

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