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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creative Launches ZiiSound T6 – the Premium Wireless Speakers

The ZiiSound T6 looks like the Gigaworks T3 and inherits all the nice feature from T3 such as Creative SLAM Subwoofer for deep, tight bass with an added low-latency wireless feature.

This newest addition to the extensive Pure Wireless Speaker Family is an excellent choice for music or movie and game soundtracks for those using bluetooth devices such as notebooks, netbooks, the iPhone, iPad, PCs, Macs and tablet computers such as Creative very own Zii Optimized Android ZiiO tablets and ZEN Touch 2 :)

SINGAPORE – 2 November 2010 – Creative Technology Ltd. today announced the
Creative ZiiSoundTM T6 – the latest addition to its extensive Pure Wireless speaker family.

The all new speaker system assumes the position of the flagship Surround Sound wireless speaker in the Pure Wireless speaker range.
Like its predecessors, the ZiiSound T6 retains the
characteristics that have made the Pure Wireless
speaker range a success:
· Works with all compatible stereo Bluetooth devices like notebooks, netbooks, the iPhone, iPad, PCs, Macs and tablet computers
· Quality wireless audio transmission
· Fast and easy connection

The ZiiSound T6 personifies everything the Pure Wireless speaker range is, where speakers have been engineered for wireless audio perfection, based on Creative’s inhouse wireless technology reference system – an engineering optimisation that brings out the best wireless audio performance in Bluetooth and apt-X technologies for speakers.

ZiiSound T6 Speaker System
Each ZiiSound T6 speaker system comes with the following audiophile-grade features that guarantee performance that is beyond best-in-class:
· Swivel satellite top drivers for Surround or Stereo applications
· USB 5.1 audio (software decoder required)
· High performance low latency apt-X codec
· Audiophile-grade satellite drivers
· Creative SLAMTM three-driver-subwoofer, with its signature deep, tight bass delivers Low Frequency Effects (LFE) that can be felt

The ZiiSound T6 now brings the wireless speaker experience further than any previous speaker in the Pure Wireless range – it delivers high quality wireless Surround Sound, as well as 5.1 Surround content via a wired USB connection:

Wireless Surround Sound
The apt-X high performance low latency codec enabled speaker system comes with a subwoofer and a pair of adjustable Swivel-Speaker-Array satellites that give users the option for stereo music or “theatre-like” Surround Sound streamed from wireless apt-X devices – such as netbooks, notebooks and tablet computers like the ZiiO Pure Wireless Entertainment Tablet – for a completely immersive wireless music, movie and gaming experience. What is more is that it transforms all compatible stereo Bluetooth devices into a wireless remote control.

USB 5.1 Surround
The ZiiSound T6 also offers users the option of enjoying 5.1 Surround content via a wired USB connection. The three-piece-system is capable of “full-bandwidth” audio from 5.1 digital soundtracks. With sound pressure levels to fill compact-sized living rooms, the ZiiSound T6 takes entertainment beyond the desktop and is the ideal companion speaker system to new age media entertainment centres and the ever growing wireless hand-held ownership.

“The ZiiSound T6 now reinforces the Pure Wireless speaker family – a family of wireless speakers that offers a wireless speaker for everyone at every price point. It further enhances Creative’s standing as the only company to offer a full comprehensive range of wireless solutions: from a one-piece speaker, to 2.0 speakers, to 2.1 speakers, and now to multi-channel Surround Sound speakers”, said Ting Lai Chu, Vice-President for Advanced Multimedia Group at Creative.

“In fact, with Christmas just round the corner, we will be the only company to offer customers a full range of six wireless speaker models to choose from – something no other company is doing.”

ZiiSound T6 Key Features
· Seamless wireless music streaming with any compatible stereo Bluetooth tablet PC, smartphone, music phone, netbook, notebook, media entertainment centre and just about every Bluetooth A2DP enabled device
· Built-in high performance low latency audio codec for superior Bluetooth audio
· Enjoy 5.1 digital movie or game soundtracks when connected via wired USB to a PC, netbook or notebook*
· Swivel-Speaker-Array for Surround Sound
· Creative SLAM Subwoofer for deep, tight bass
· IR remote for improved convenience/control
· Audiophile-grade drivers deliver silky smooth music and movie playback
* 5.1 decoder software required

Pricing and Availability
The ZiiSound T6 will be available at The CREATIVE Stores at International Business Park and Marina Square, the online store at and authorised dealers in Singapore from end January 2011 onwards at the suggested retail price of S$569.00.

The ZiiSound T6 comes supplied with the BT-D1 Bluetooth USB transmitter (worth S$59.00) and for this promotional period, the BT-D5 iPod/iPhone/iPad Bluetooth transmitter (worth S$59.00) will also be included absolutely free!
For more information about the entire wireless speaker range, please visit

Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy, this monster is awesome. But of course expensive. I think they should market it in China high end cities. People there will buy. Don't underestimate China well-off consumers. You know Osim's products are typically hundreds to thousands and selling well in China. You are in Singapore you should have heard of their purchases in Singapore and IR visits. So Jimmy, what are you getting from Creative? Or you are waiting for free review unit?

Anonymous said...

As long as the tablets work properly, being value for money, they might be able to bring Creative to break even point. The Zen and Zen mozaic did sell quite well at being value for money but they didn't provide enough stock then, too bad. But provided they can start selling Dec for the holiday season. Otherwise, 1st Q 2011 is more difficult, have to wait for mediabook.

Jimmyboy88 said...

honestly speaking i was hoping to get a ZiiO tablet review unit :P i was tipped to published the ZiiO news release

for china market better leave it to the shanzhai makers, they know the market best

Anonymous said...

High end products rich Chinese will buy. They won't want shanzhai. But shanzhai Creative should still target.

Anonymous said...

"wicked one", please also help me to track my purchase of IPC shares at 0.125.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Jimmy, you can see some more takerS. You should have heard of viewsonic. If IPC goes up beyond my fair value of it, may shift to Creative if it has not risen much.

Jimmyboy88 said...

wow some of ziiacademy's partners are Kaga Electronics, Netronix Inc, Viewsonic and IN Media Corporation. cant wait to hear from them :)

Anonymous said...

THX trustudio has another small taker, asrock vision 3d. Looks better than Zino hd.

Anonymous said...

THX Trustudio has been a surprise hit. Expect to see new and innovative products from the audio business unit.

Anonymous said...

nice! quality stuffs like this is what we expect from creative; not $9.99 store products.

Jimmyboy88 said...

thx trustudio has potential :)

Anonymous said...

Dell's new all in one 23" is using thx trustudio. As usual, all Dell laptop not using trustudio. Creative and thx have to quickly move to tablet and mediabook arena. Eventually the world needs at least a few billion tablets. Those who say tablet market is overcrowded do not understand what is going on. In the early pc era, you see so many manufacturers, people also say overcrowded and yet it grows till 2000. Today it is still flat to snail growth. Tablet is in its infancy stage. Android certification is taking too long and you see android updates like coming every few months, pain for oems. You don't even know which OS will survive a few years later. Even the actual usage has no defacto standard.

Anonymous said...

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