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Friday, January 28, 2011

First ZiiO 7" Firmware 1.00.28

This is the first ZiiO 7 inch firmware and it addresses many of the issues with the sound problem which was discussed earlier. This download contains an improved version of the firmware on your ZiiO tablet (7-inch screen), and is intended for firmware version 1.00.13. It includes updated applications and widgets, and several fixes.

•Supports Japanese text input.
•Adds a touch screen calibration option in Settings > Sound & display.
•Improves ZiiPhoto's performance.
•Adds the Task Manager widget and filtering option.
•Improves the the following widgets:
◦Pure Android Audio (PAA)

•Fixes Bluetooth related issues.
•Ensures Chinese IME stability.
•Addresses some noise issues when resuming from standby.
•Resolves audio related issues with certain VOIP applications.
•Removes 'duplicate' icons on the Home screen.
•Fixes issues when ZiiPhoto initially scans photos.
•Fixes detection issues when connecting to a computer.
•Ensures hassle-free download on ZiiO Space.

•ZiiO tablet (7-inch screen) with firmware version 1.00.13
•When connecting to your computer, the OS should be Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit Edition

Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

go to ziiospace on your ziio, you will find the extra tab or icon on the extreme left - firmware update.

or go to this link -

first thing, i noticed - no matter which download option you choose. the file downloaded will always be in zip format. *important* you must rename to file extension to .apk

windows 7 users - go to control panel, appearance and personalization -> folder options. choose the view tab and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types.

transfer to file to your ziio.
it does not matter how you put the file in your ziio - sd card or usb.

click ziiExplorer, and choose the renamed ZiiO7_fwupd_1_00_13to1_00_28.apk and install.

4) how come it isn't doing anything after installing?

it took me a while to figure what happened.
first exit ziiexplorer -> click the "^" button on your home screen to bring up the programs menu.

you'll see the "Firmware Update" icon and click it to finally update your firmware.
(took me about 5 minutes and i recommand plugging ziio to power source just in case)

after reboot -> click settings -> Build number has been upgraded from v1.00.13 to v1.00.28

first impression is super fast and my ziimusic and ziiphoto finally works. they are able to detect all files and play them finally. only thing is that its still not the 2.2 update, so no android market.

will try to continue my review after a few days of testing first.
History is written by the winners, not the losers.

Anonymous said...

this buggy firmware killed my ziio :(

Bullet said...

Thanks for the information....... :)
@Anonymous : It is up to you. Not for this article..

Undaya said...

Thanks for the information....

Jimmyboy88 said...

what happened when you updated your firmware?

alireza said...

i have same problem

my ziio was freezed in ZII POWEWRED LOGO

what should i do :((

Jimmyboy88 said...

are you able to reset it?

alireza said...

yes . but same error again.

Anonymous said...


I experience the same "stucked at Zii logo problem". However, it didn't really froze at the Zii Logo, the firmware was still being update, it just takes a min or two. So just do the same thing and leave the ZiiO to re-boot by itself after the update.

Jimmyboy88 said...

maybe patience is the key..

Anonymous said...

Sold my Ziio. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

tegra 3 is coming
htc introduced best of both worlds. capacitive screen & stylus

days of creative are numbered .. 1...2...3...4...


Jimmyboy88 said...

creative may be doing something right now :)

Anonymous said...

My ziio is dead. Creative suxxs!

yll said...

how did it happened?

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