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Monday, March 14, 2011

Creative's X-Fi MB2 sound technology featured on Big Bang Marshal (B3)

MSI's Most Feature Rich Motherboard on Sandy Bridge Platform and uses X-Fi MB2 sound technology on its motherboard. The powerful X-Fi MB2 is a software that can run on on-board sound chip such as Realtec. There's no need for fanciful hardware such as a sound card.

Gamers and extreme users have been waiting for a mainboard that can provide them all the tools they need to get the most out of their new Sandy Bridge CPUs it's finally arrived. World-renowned mainboard manufacturer Micro-Star Int'l Co., Ltd. (MSI) has unleashed the Big Bang-Marshal (B3). Defining total quality standards, the Big Bang Marshal (B3) wields the second generation Military Class components for the best build quality. Highlights of the board are an industry leading eight (8) sets of PCI-E 2.0 x 16 slots for a staggering combination of GPUs. Combined with Creative's top-class X-Fi MB2 sound technology, it can simultaneously take care of the three major elements that gamers care about the most: stability, performance and sound effects.

The Big Bang-Marshal (B3) is also equipped with a 24-phase DrMOS power design, and has excellent performance on over-clocking and stability for the enthusiast user. Utilizing a dual 8-PIN CPU power supply plus a set of 6-PIN VGA power supply design, users can steadily provide power when overclocking the CPU and mainboard achieving the performance on the Sandy Bridge platform.

8 PCI-E 2.0 x16 - Ultimate Video Performance

Continuing their focus on video performance and expandability for the Big Bang series, the all new Big Bang-Marshal (B3) is equipped with 8 sets of PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot. It supports AMD's Crossfire X and NVIDIA's SLI multi-GPU operations for a future-proof experience.

X-Fi MB2 Sound Enhancement - Ultimate Sound Performance

For sound effects, the tradition of using Creative's X-Fi technology for the Big Bang series continues. This time, the Big Bang-Marshal (B3) uses the newest X-Fi MB2 sound technology. EAX 5.0 is the most commonly used sound platform and with an upgrade to the newest 5.0, it has added EAX Voice to provide voice chat positioning in games; EAX PurePath allows game developers to accurately control the bass and game output channels; and EAX MacroFX reproduces short-distance sound effects etc., to create the most immersive sound performance for games. It also teams with THX and supports the THX TruStudio Pro stereo standard most commonly used in Hollywood movies; therefore, whether it's for games or video playback, it can achieve the best sound performance and clarity.

Military Class II Components - Ultimate Stability

The all new Big Bang-Marshal (B3) uses MSI's Military Class II standards; top-class materials and parts such as Hi-c CAP, SFC and Solid CAP etc., that increase the product's usage life, and brings a higher level for what players focus on the most: quality and stability.

Extreme Power Designs for Power Users

In order to satisfy CPU power supply needs during extreme over-clocking, the Big Bang-Marshal (B3) also has a 24-phase DrMOS power design, to provide stable power for cleaner and efficient energy. Video Cards get a jolt of power with a 6 PIN VGA power supply, which can make up for any insufficiency of the PCI-E's power supply, ultimately increasing the video card's stability while overclocking. MSI's exclusive "Cease-Fire" PCI-e Dip Switches allow easier control by toggling PCI-e lanes on or off. This can benefit users who are testing graphics cards or just want to free up additional lanes.

Fighter-type thermal system with SuperPipe's First-class Cooling Performance

The heat sink also follows through on our Military Class concept. The thermal system used is the fighter air intake cutaway design, along with the benefits of the 8mm SuperPipe heat pipes, to achieve the coolest computing environment.

Besides the many exclusive features introduced above, the all new Big Bang-Marshal (B3) also has complete support for MSI's various P67/H67 exclusive technologies, such as the all intelligent overclocking technology OC Genie II which allows to you overclock in a second; the ClickBIOS uEFI interface which can be operated with a mouse; the Super Charger which can provide quick charging for an i-Pad, i-Phone and SmartPhone; Instant OC which can provide instant overclocking through Windows; and the Winki 3 multi-function tool that can be quickly started without entering the system etc. Such abundant features make this the number one choice that overclockers and gamers can¡¯t afford to miss.

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Anonymous said...

what is the big deal here

Anonymous said...

no one knows. Though XFi is good but their competitors especially Realtek have close up the gap. They seem to offer more hardware and software features that provide same or better experience to users. Creative has neglected this embedded audio segment for a long time and thus has lost the market leadership. It has given others a chance to fill up this gap. Creative should not insist on the traditional market segment. Like Apple, it has moved its traditional market segment from software to hardware and soon become a powerhouse of everything. Creative with no other advantages, should do likewise too. Everyone is doing it. Why shouldn't Creative? Make your own processor. Make your own Operating system. Make your own hardware and not be a mercy to others again. This is what Apple is trying to prove that they can do it.

Jimmyboy88 said...

you need to have a large resource to do everything yourself. let alone do it well, thats another thing

Anonymous said...

It just require dedications. It doesn't require lots of resources.
Apple dedicate themselves to that piece of hardware and everyone loves it.
Just like Creative, Apple was out of steam before.
But Apple understood very well that they need to dedicate themselves doing this.
Whilst Creative is opposite. I felt Creative has no sense of pride with their products, no sense of dedication. Worse still, its products is out of support very soon. Apple doesn't do this. Today, I still getting updates from Apple. They reiterate it and make it better. Their products win the hearts of many many.

Jimmyboy88 said...

nowadays the business model is to outsource non-core value business functions and concentrate on product development and marketing. Apple is also not doing everything, they only design their products but outsource their manufacturing to foxconn. so they are also not doing everything but themselves

Anonymous said...

Creative still don't get it; so as Jimmy!!

Anonymous said...

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