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Monday, September 26, 2011

Make Your Own Android Tablets

This is the summary of a 3 hour interview with Mr Sim. Creative will be targeting the broad China market especially in the chinese educational segment. It is expected that ZMS-20 android tablets will be shipped out by end of this year and the more powerful ZMS-40 android tablets to be available next year.

Mr Sim says he expects orders of 100,000 to 200,000 units next year.

Firms looking to launch tablets can do so speedily by choosing from Creative Technology's kits.

Ziilabs, a subsidiary of Singapore-listed Creative Technology, has released Jaguar 3, a family of design kits for Android tablets.

The kits are based on Ziilabs' latest ZMS-20 dual-core and ZMS-40 quad-core chips. They will enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly translate the designs into production units.

The kits will allow manufacturers the flexibility to make tablets of different types from a standard component list comprising microprocessors, hardware, operating system, battery, firmware, software and industrial and mechanical designs.

Creative Technology's chairman, Mr Sim Wong Hoo (right), outlined just how simple, speedy and advantageous it would be for OEMs to use Ziilabs' chips to make tablet computers.

"They don't have to come up with a design, develop anything or test any component. We've tested all of them. We've also integrated all our components so that they fit snugly, resulting in a thin tablet of 8.1mm. Plus, we've developed a power
management system, which we're patenting, that gives 10 hours of battery life," he said.

All the components have been tested to ensure they will work with one another. All are optimised for the latest Android 3.x operating system including Honeycomb and the upcoming Ice-Cream Sandwich.

"So, they don't waste time doing all these and, best of all, they can have products in the market in less than six months," he said.

Speed is key for OEMs, he said, because the tablet business is "brutal". Technology changes rapidly, making it difficult for them to exploit the exploding tablet market.

This is the first time in at least three years that Mr Sim has shown up at a press conference. When he did, there was no stopping the man. He went on for three hours.

The best combination, he said, will be a 1O.1-inch skinny tablet that is 8.1mm thick and 480g, running on the ZMS-40 quad core chip. This should also n deliver 1,080p high-profile video playback, immersive 3-D graphics, high-definition video calling and a rich desktop browsing experience with Adobe Flash player.

This would beat the market leader, Apple's iPad2, which weighs in at 610g and has no Flash player.

With Jaguar 3, OEMs just pick and choose what they would like to go into a 7-inch or 1O.1-inch tablet: for example, a dual- or quad-core chip, different back covers and grades of camera.

Ziilabs expects to see the first Jaguar 3-based tablets using the ZMS-20 chip on the market before the year-end. The ZMS-40 powered tablets will be available from next year.

Tablet sales are expected to rocket to 145.1 million units in 2015, from 49.6 million units this year, said research firm GigaOm, hurting the global PC market, whose growth is forecast by Gartner to slow down from 9.3 per cent to 3.8 per cent this year.

Mr Sim says he expects orders of 100,000 to 200,000 units next year.

His target market is China, which he believes will have an appetite for 500 million tablets.

China's government, he said, promised every student a PC a few years ago. This has been implemented, he said...

Next, he said, a 10kg schoolbag of books will shrink to just lkg when all textbooks become digital. "More significantly, students can use the tablets to practise writing, which is an important part of learning Chinese," he added.

Creative has been in talks with the Chinese authorities, who are interested in Jaguar 3-powered tablets, as they will be made in China.

The company has an edge in China. Its affiliate Creative Knowledge has been developing interactive Chinese educational software for the last 26 years. Its most popular product there is the WaWa YaYa series for primary school children to help them to learn Chinese, English, maths and science.

This software will be optimised for use with Jaguar 3-powered tablets.

Mr Sim is also eyeing the Chinese public sector. He envisions civil servants using Jaguar 3-powered tablets for e-mail, writing letters and viewing documents.

via Digital Life

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Where do we get the full article if we do not have digital life?

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