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Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 Message From Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo

I was surprised when I opened my mail box. I thought I got a free Jaguar3 Android tablet from Creative. Well, I really did received a free Jaguar3 Android tablet, its just that it is made of paper :)

This is actually a hardcopy copy of the 2011 annual report. As usual, I always enjoy reading Mr Sim's message to the shareholders. This year, he is very optimistic on the Jaguar3 android tablet especially on the China educational market segment. Let's hope everything will go right according to plan.

We do have some brochures on the Jaguar3 tablet and it is quite impressive. Enjoy!

jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet
jaguar3 android tablet

Full CEO message below:
Dear Shareholders and Friends,

It is a long journey. Good stuff needs time to brew. Sound Blaster took us 10 years. But I do really appreciate your patience. Finally, I am showing you a glimpse of what is coming.

Code name: JAGUAR3, it is real, it is working. It is also slimmer, lighter. sexier, more powerful, and of course more competitive. It is a third generation Android-based tablet and beyond. I am sure you will like it.

Our huge investments and the explosive nature of the market make it more prudent and compelling for us to offer our whole JAGUAR3 design (including our ZMS Stem Cell Processor chips) to all our OEM partners. The explosive tablet market is pure ruthless in every sense, where even a fast-track 6-month design cycle can still be lethal. Hence, OEMs can leverage on our complete reference design to enter the market rapidly and safely.

It is now a whole new ballgame. The OS and the processor chip have always been the keys to success in all computing platforms. Since the Android OS is free, the winners in the huge Android tablet market will be the ones who own the best tablet processor chips. Less than a handful of these companies are left in the world. You happen to own one of them.

ZiiLABS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creative, created the ZMS-20, a Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 plus another 48 Stem Cell cores. So far, the ZMS-20 has been demonstrated to be the most powerful chip for the Android 3.x tablet markets. Available soon will be the ZMS-40, a Quad-core version plus 96 Stem Cell cores. It is a drop-in replacement for ZMS20 which allows OEMs to easily upgrade their tablet to future generations.
The JAGUAR3 can be made so slim and so lightweight due to the massive integration of I/O devices and processors within the ZMS chips, and also the patent-pending power management technologies invented by ZiiLABS. This allows all the components to be compacted into a "granddaughter-board" - a micro-sized motherboard measuring only 2.44" x 4.64", with performances that can rival most laptops. yet consuming only about 1 watt of power.

If you look into the future of computing through our JAGUAR3 'granddaughter-board', you will realize that the PC today will look more and more like the mainframe computer of yesteryear. With performances like those provided by JAGUAR3, tablets will no doubt be the mainstream computing devices of tomorrow.

ZiiLABS holds many fundamental and highly valuable patents in the Graphics and Visual Processing arena, which will be a formidable and valuable arsenal in case of a "tablet war".

With the great low cost of our JAGUAR3 reference designs, our partners can manufacture tablets for as low as US$100, opening up a world of possibilities in areas such as China's educational market. The low cost tablet for China's education market is almost captive as it has been the Chinese government's goal since 2001 to provide free textbooks to all school kids in China. Over the past two decades, we have made huge investments in technology and content in China. Our current focus for the tablets is on China, where an example can be set for the rest of the world on how a low-cost, high-performance tablet can represent an awe-inspiring learning platform that saves money, saves our kids, saves the environment and enriches the lives of future generations!

The journey ahead will be exhilarating and enchanting, don't miss the fun!

Sim Wong Hoo

We want to hear from you, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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