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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creative Shares Jump 88% Thanks To HanZpad!

In just a short 2 days after the press release of HanZpad targetting the China education market, Creative shares leap more than 88%. The share closed at $4.57, which is more than 88% increase in share price. Our Creative share fanatic who is always talking and promoting about Creative shares will be thrilled to see this.

Thanks to the Creative news that HanZpad Alliance, a partnership to make and sell tablet called HanZpad which Creative will supply the chip and certain design features.

Mr Sim Wong Hoo said in Beijing during the official launch that "I just want to focus on China first. There are 200 million schoolkids there - a wonderful opportunity for us"

"The Chinese government, in its latest five year education plan wants to switch all textbooks to electronic ones. And what better way to use e-books than on tablets"

"By focusing on the chips, we can build really powerful chips. We won't have to deal with such distractions as marketing and distribution"

Mr Sim is confident that the HanZpad will succeed as with the support of the HanZpad Alliance, the chip, sales, manufacturing, distribution and content will be well taken care of.

The Creative office in Beijing has been developing Chinese content which will be bundled into every HanZpad to be sold to the schools in China.

Creative will be producing several thousands tablets in May and are to be given away as samples to chinese manufacturers to be used in a pilot school project.

Did Creative really hit the jackpot this time? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


Lemon said...

No, it will take some time to realize the reward and the reward is a growth reward which can last for years. stock market speculate ahead of the outcome. i am sure someone is buying heavily, not sure which big boys. instituitions and venture cap may buy in heavily or have already started. they are like new startup but has own funds and lots of tech and patents. it may pull back first then shoot up, it may shoot past double digits in days, it may go sideways till the next piece of news. any small good news can be amplified easily as the market is v.good and liquidity is super high. i do understand in-depth their model and no matter how i look at it, even taking into consideration ipad3's quad core and likely 2048x1536 screen, i still believe the model works. all the shortcomings we can think of such as copyright issues can be easily addressed. for e.g. the chip has encryption, remember zii eagle. remember windows sabotaged creative. android is open source to creative, so it is not likely to happen again. even the big boys like huawei, lenovo, zte can join because they just need to pay some royalties for the motherboard, chip and some chinese platform software and the rest of packaging, form factor, customized software is up to them. but i expect small and mid size to join in initially. so far the largest is 3nod. you can compare this to the beginning of sound blaster era where they fight with adlib, aztech and mediavision. i have been following creative since day 1. they have failed attempting to take on apple as their software is not up to it and sim goes too high profile and etc. they have 2 failed zii attempt and this one is going to be third time lucky (like potong pasir sitoh). the powerful chinese os is likely to be plazsma descendant if you still remember plazsma.
in the pipeline:
more partners, likely small and mid
256core chip likely smaller process like 0.28nm or lower
next generation sound blaster
international partners, outside of china
other govt taking up
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Someone should discuss about the 22h battery life as indicated by
it bears significance vs rest of competition.

Jimmy Loh said...

i think creative is only involved in the supply of the ZMS chip and the education content. the rest of the work eg manufacturing, sales, distribution will be outsource to the chinese

22hr battery life?! wow how come i didnt see it on my ziio?

no more creative bashing? said...

first, ziio dun have the massive integration of components into a tiny motherboard. so the components drain more power. it happens with zii egg and zii trinity. 2nd, the dual arm core in zms-08 is outdated, consuming more power. it happnes too with zii egg's zms-05, dual 300mhz arm core. zms40 has quad 1.5ghz arm core which can be clocked slower if needed. with the 96 zii core and lower clock speed, they can achieve performance slightly better than the current competition and 50% power consumption, thereby achieving 22hr. please note that you will never achieve 22hr under normal use. iphone4s claims 6hr of 3g internet surf but in reality you prob get 3hr as you are never just beside a base station and reading text only pages. tbh, most pple are waiting for ipad3 with super high expectations and 256core zii chip has to be 0.28 or lower process as qualcomm and ti are swithing over later this year. ipad3 is likely to use 0.28 or lower process together with 2048x1536 resolution. zms40 can support such a resolution and beyond but whether their partners can get hold of such ips panel at low price and high volume remains unknown. chinese firms have yet to come up with any credible tablets and hanzpad alliance is a timely opportunity for them. also some chinese hardcore tablet fans dun give hanzpad a damn because they look forward to ipad3 with high expectations. apple won not because of specs but because whatever it says it has, it works very very well.

Anonymous said...

4.76, some big sell order 30,000+ shares snapped up at 1 go. major resistance at 7.6. once broken confirm good old days 1yr rally.

Anonymous said...

sgx lacks concept play. so far only artivision and now we got a new creative. expect interests to persist.

Anonymous said...

4.86. technically if it follows ipc, today supposed to be down but if you magnify previous 7.6 zii effect peak, this peak could be beyond 7.6, possibly 10. after which massive profit taking occurs and then we wait for news and the next wave starts.

Anonymous said...

hey, you should make a contest on guessing the share price peak for this week. winner get the zen x-fi3. runner up ziio or something like that.

Jimmy Loh said...

the creative rally cant last forever, it will be down today and see if this rally will sustain or not. it could be just a hype

Anonymous said...

LPPL said...

it still closed up today. epic fail.

Jimmy Loh said...

Wow it managed to close up hehe

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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