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Friday, June 8, 2012

Creative Booth @ PC Show 2012

So this afternoon we are there at Creative Booth, Level 6, Suntec City, Singapore. Not many people at that time because we are the early birds. What quickly caught our attention is the latest Sound BlasterAxx SBX20, SBX10 and SBX8 lining up on a counter. We didn't expect to see it there because it is supposed to be launched globally next month. But it does have a 'coming soon' tag, so we are looking at some of the first batch of production. The price for SBX20, SBX10, SBX8 are S$279, S$199 and S$129 respectively.

We also grab a PC Show 2012 brochure from Creative Booth as shown below for all you guys who are interested to get a Creative product at great discount. There isnt a better time to do so than at the PC Show 2012. So come on down to Creative Booth, Level 6, Suntec City, Singapore. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Times like this i wish i didnt live in america...

Anonymous said...

creative shares holding up strong and up. it will be up up up up!!!

Anonymous said...

If there is a delay for hanzpad, creative should issue a statement to shareholders and explain. It is not nice that we hear it only from brokers.

Jimmy Loh said...

hanzpad is to be launched in end may i think, in the previous announcement. not sure whats holding them back?

America is still a nice place! will go there someday :) disneyland haha

Anonymous said...

hanzpad is dead for sure, just like zii egg.
Look at the specs now:
It has become thicker, heavier, camera only 5MP, only 720p video and most importantly resolution stuck at 1280x800. CPU is old 40nm process. Android 4+ tablets now already have 1920x1080 resolution, full hd video, better camera, newer process for CPU. New ipad3 has even better resolution. Chinese software and OS? Look at iOS6. It specifically mention Chinese, meaning a lot of emphasis on Chinese capabilities. Android tablet is dead for sure too. Even if some buys android, they will not want hanzpad. Others already offer better and hanzpad is still in the works, delayed for months at least due to component shortage. Win8 will help to kill hanzpad and android tablets. Most of Creative knowledge stuff is based on windows. you port them to android 4, spending huge sums of money. Now win8 can do everything hanzpad can do plus much more. And you have to consider porting them back. From a consumer point of view, most will wait for win8 or get new ipad. From a developer and education point of view, new ipad and win8 offers much more options and support. Look at the number of OEMs supporting win8 even before it is released. Creative can only depend on the super expensive US$199 sb axx speakers. It has to sell 1 million in 1 year to break even its 10 million a quarter loss. quite likely it will have to cut prices steeply as at most thousands or if they are lucky, tens of thousands will buy on debut through christmas. most of the audio tech inside does subtle enchancements esp. when the speaker is not that powerful like logitech's. the marketing is confusing too. consumers will be confused what benefits these speakers bring about and how to power them up. they could easily include rechargeable batteries that can last for days or weeks. win8 machines have enhance support for video conferencing meaning the speakers are useless for most people. slow or recessing economy also kills the sb axx pricing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds sad, sad. Unless Creative can produce their Hanzpad soon!


Anonymous said...

It is impossible. Big boys like apple samsung huawei have snapped up good components

Jimmy Loh said...

the consumer electronic technology is moving faster. now everyone has quad-core processor. zms chip will lose the competitive advantage if they launch their products fast.

sound blasterAxx is not a sound card to many sound blaster's fan disappointment. this shows that creative is going to stop making sound cards in the future.

why the sound blasterAxx is a wireless system? i think thats because creative is making some money from their wireless sound system such as D80, D100, D200, ZiiSound D5. so they are banging their ass in the wireless sound system arena...

Anonymous said...

Wireless speakers is brightest spot of creative's token revenue compared to Logitech. Logitech is not the first but can implement and market better. Sb axx is presented poorly, confusing consumers as well as hardcore gamers. What will happened to the core 3d sound cards launched less than a year ago? At least provide a roadmap. At least tell everyone sound cards will move into win 8 and so will thx trustudio and core 3d chips. To sum up, all wireless speakers and sound card sales will slow to a few pieces a day as people either think sound card is dead or will rather wait for SB axx since we don't know the existing speakers will be supersede by SB axx. Expect record low revenues for the next report.

Anonymous said...

Sbx 20 only available late aug 2012. Please make sure you have all the good components or another fail like hanZzZZpad

Anonymous said...

even if hanzpad is lucky enough to meet creative's target of 200k units in 2012, they will still suffer record low revenue and still losing millions per quarter. because hanzpad is not made by creative and it is low margin biz. assuming the chip inside is $15, 200kx15=3mil. assuming profit margin as good as qualcomm, say 50%. 50% of 3 mil is 1.5mil. 10mil loss-1.5mil=8.5mil loss per quarter. hahahahaaaa

Jimmy Loh said...

just by the name sound blasteraxx, mr sim is suggesting that the next gen sound blaster is not going to be just a sound card but a sound card + wireless speaker system. if SBX sells, this will set the new standard or direction for sound blaster

Anonymous said...

This is already the standard and the cost is a fraction of SB Axx:
We are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

olasonic is the first to come out with usb speakers that store charge on lows of music and blast them out on highs.

Anonymous said...

this is then standard

Anonymous said...

creative, you need to completely reinvent yourself again. microsoft windows surface tablet gives hanzpad the final kill. remember zune gives creative the final kill on high end mp3 market. your patents doesn't worth much too. nokia has thousands of patents at least. creative share price extremely overvalued.

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