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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CES 2014 New Creative Product

Its January again, and there's something brewing at CES 2014.
Creative booth is at:

Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC)
South Hall, Booth No. 21702 [Map]
Jan 7 - 10, 2014

Show Hours:
Tues: 10AM - 6PM
Wed - Thurs: 9AM - 6PM
Fri: 9AM - 4PM

Creative is keeping us in suspense about their new product scheduled to be released during CES 2014. http://ces.creative.com/

Who wants to make a guess what is the new product?
Looks like its a new speaker of some sort...

We want to hear from you, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy will buy creative stock as usual. then when the market rises sharply, he will exit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No, their new audio products like sound blaster z, sound blaster axx 200 are excellent products. check out amazon.com reviews. but the way the market them is crap.

Anonymous said...

SoundBlaster Axx 200 sales has gained some traction perhaps due to CES. It is important Sim Wong Hoo makes this product available in other US channels and worldwide asap. Remember you need to sell 1 mil of this in 2014 to turnaround.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT SEND any of your products to Amazon Vine, you should know the sales outcome of those that went there.

Anonymous said...

quite likely sim wong hoo will call it a day within 6 months.
- mp3 player is long gone and will never revive
- zii has failed and causes hundreds of millions of losses.
- not much physical assets left to sell, only need to pay rental now
- most of the remaining subsidiaries or associates are vital to the company, cannot sell, can only sell everything
- hansvision tablets hardly sell. just go to those retail corners and see the promoting staff playing with their smartphones and chatting with each other since no business. content faces tons of competition with well established and govt funded initiatives.
- creative knowledge china is typical china sucker. money and technology go in, nothing ever come back, just losses and more clones. give china consumers products to try for free and they just want more free stuff.
- holiday seasons sales and margins disappointing. we are now in creative's bleakest quarter it will be much worse
- intel not cooperating with creative on tablet and camera anymore. look at what intel announced in ces 2014
- no company is willing to pay for creative's license for patents because they know creative is weak due to years of declining sales and dare not sue
- Huawei vs qmax suit not getting anywhere, just a waste of legal fees and also example of creative's weakness
- focus back on audio too little too late. jambox, logitech has dominated and tons of competitors in this small market. do some calculations and you will know the market is just too small for creative to cover its expenses
- sound blaster axx 200 sales dropped to almost 0 now and sound blaster roar is unlikely to perform better despite its stronger bass. cut the price at amazon to 135 and then go back to 149.99 is disastrous. americans are clever, they know what is your lowest price and they will wait
- it is easier to find some big names to take over creative, its inventions, trademarks and its patents. it is win for everyone especially shareholders and consumers
oh wait. creative has 0 debt and hundreds of mil of cash and MOST IMPORTANTLY accumulated losses. whoever take over can cut its income tax in the US worth hundreds of mil. add all this in and creative is worth a lot once sim decides to call it a day.
- most of creative staff are in their 50s or even 60s, they cannot think like younger people in big names groups. even startups with 0.1mil can propel to greater heights.
- sim will realise shareholders just want to end this nightmare with something. maybe if they buy at 20 or 30 and someone can buy it over at 7 they will be contented. remember what sim says when it posts ipo at 25.8 in Singapore
- sim has wasted tens of mil since refusing to heed advice to call it a day after ziilabs uk sold to intel

Impressed said...

well done creative and paul seow. creative has done clever marketing and clever execution this time round. I am not sure if the main man behind the effort at IT SHOW is paul seow but he was in the field and smiling while watching the enthusiastic team execute almost flawlessly. the booth was relatively big, at basement and at a corner. corner => you can better project your audio power due to echolation effect from the walls and less surrounding noise.

whether you enter from ground floor or basement, there will be creative staff distributing brochures, effectively intercepting their competitors and marketing their product line.

the sure win jackpot drew long queue and curious pple looking around. the lining and stacking of products esp sound blaster roar is effective.

the web marketing is effective as well.

on the ground, even creative engineers, staff join in the marketing, reinforced by part time energetic students/teenagers.

if creative can extend this to US, EU, china, other markets, they can easily sell 1 mil this year. and needless to say, they will turnaround.

it is definitely time to buy creative shares, not sell.

Anonymous said...

They sell average 1K+ soundblaster roar per day.

Anonymous said...

Sim wong hoo, stop dreaming. Get the production of sound blaster roar in order. You need to sell 1 mil this year to turnaround. Remember you got sabotaged for the hanzpad. If production woes arise, wind up creative, sell everything and return money to shareholders. Either outcome good for anyone who can buy creative shares now.

Anonymous said...

In the short term, the shares will likely went past NAV. If by end of month we see news of US and International launch and all preorder satisfied, shares will rocket. By next few quarters, Creative will be profitable and no. 1 in wireless speakers worldwide. Creative has accumulated hundreds of millions of losses in US and so will get tax credits to offset future profits. This means if Creative makes big profits in future, it is virtually tax free for some time. Creative is not yet out of current vicious negative feedback cycle. But its nature of business means if the cycle turns positive, it will be a positive craze feedback cycle.

Anonymous said...

aurvana live 2 is a good product. why send to amazon vine? you want it to be a fail product? just adjust the discount right and it will sell.

Anonymous said...

Jemmy, since you bought your shares below 2 bucks, and it is likely to rally a lot, when you profit, please buy some creative products to support.

Anonymous said...

if you observe carefully, engadget and cnet.com have stopped publishing anything about creative tech/labs for a long time. is it deliberate sabotage? I am not sure why.

Anonymous said...

is jimmy still around?

Anonymous said...

no, I think it is his bro

Anonymous said...

current price can jeep. next wave coming despite hiccups in their preorder deliveries of sound blaster roar.

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