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Friday, May 2, 2014

Creative Sound Blaster AXX200 Review

What is the Creative Sound Blaster AXX 200?
Most of us deal with some sort of sound created from an electronic device every day. These sounds could be from our computer, gaming system, or mp3 player, but whatever we are listening to, we need something that will allow us to listen to them with quality and precision.

This is where the SoundBlaster AXX 200 comes in. This second generation vertical stereo speaker created by the company Creative offers so many functions that it is truly universal and can be used with a variety of devices.

Creative has been in business for over 25 years and continues to offer some of the most popular sound cards for PC gaming. With this technology being placed into the Sound Blaster AXX 200, technologies can blend cohesively. The SoundBlaster also offers hardware and software compatibility with PCs, Macs, tables and even smart phones. This means that you can easily connect any of your favorite devices to your (now favorite) speaker system!

Quick Look
Below are the Specifications and Requirements that Creative has listed for this speaker:
Output: Stereo
Audio Processor: SB-Axx1
USB 2.0
Bluetooth (2.1 EDR)
microSD Card Slot
Headphone and Aux/Mic in Jac: 1 x 3.5mm
Audio Technologies: SBX Pro Studio, CrystalVoice
Beamforming: Yes
Microphone Type: Quad-array Noise Cancelling

System Requirements
Intel Core 2Duo processor 2.2 GHz, AMD Athlon
64x2 Dual Core or equivalent processor
Microsoft Windows XP (Sp2 or above)
Microsoft Windows Vista 32 bit or 64 bit
Microsoft Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit
Microsoft Windows 8 32 bit or 64 bit
Macintosh OS X 10.5.8 and above
1 GB Ram
Powered USP 2.0 port

1 year limited hardware warranty

Intelligent and Powerful Audio Playback
This stereo offers you some of the best sound and audio playback capabilities on the market today. The technology that has been placed into the speaker system offers studio quality surround sound, crystallization, dialog plus, smart volume and bass. The sound quality that is provided by this product will keep you happy regardless of the type of sound you are listening to, whether it is music, movies or video games.
Intelligent Personal Wireless Mobile Teleconferencing Device
The SoundBlaster AXX 200 offers CrystalVoice technology, which makes for a one of a kind experience when on a teleconference. CrystalVoice offers unique echo cancellation, noise reduction and smart volume for creating the best teleconference experience for any occasion. Whether you use this speaker system for work or to connect with family and friends around the world, you will not find a better sound quality than what is provided by CrystalVoice technologies.

Versatile One-Touch recording
For even added versatility, you can take advantage of the revolutionary one touch recording that makes record on the go a snap. This is especially useful for meetings and business settings. With one touch, you can easily record memos, interviews, meetings and teleconferences. For students, these can easily be taken with you to class with the intent of recording lectures and class information and for friendly get-togethers you can easily use the SoundBlaster AXX to record and perform Karaoke sessions and fun sing-alongs.

Integrated WMA and MP3 Player
You can also take advantage of the WMA and MP3 Player capabilities that are offered by the SoundBlaster AXX 200. By connecting your favorite music playing device, you are given the capability to control the quality of sound that you receive and enhancing your overall experience.

Super Megaphone
If you have a need to amplify your voice, SoundBlaster has the capability to serve as a megaphone as well! This feature can be used simply for fun, such as playing pranks on your friends or singing along with your favorite tunes, or you can use it for a more serious setting just as making announcements to a crowd or directing people. For even further capability, Creative has added a nifty aspect which allows users to alter their voice using special effects.

High Quality Wireless Connectivity with NFC for Tap to Connect
Needing to connect wirelessly? This is not a problem for the SoundBlaster. By way of Bluetooth, you can easily connect your favorite devices and enjoy all the exciting capabilities that the SoundBlaster AXX 200 has to offer.

Full-fledged Sound Blaster via USB
You can also connect all your favorite devices via USB. This will allow you to connect to your PC or Macs and magnify all your computing experiences. SoundBlaster offers revolutionary surround sound capabilities, making any listening experience even grander.

Dual Purpose Battery
For those of us who are on the go, don’t worry about the battery life on this device. SoundBlaster offers a 5200 mh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which can offer quality sound for up to 15 hours. Whether you need to take this speaker system on a long cross country trip or just across the street to a friend’s house, this battery will suffice every need. And for added functionality, you can use the battery to recharge your smartphone several times while on the go!

Easy Audio Customization and Control via Apps and PC/Mac Software
With the easy to use control system and versatile setup, you will easily be able to customize your listening experience any way that you choose. Simply hook the speaker up to any device (smartphone or pc) and change the settings via the control panel that is provided with the software. Easily change these settings whenever you see fit in order to create a one of a kind experience that is customized to the listener’s tastes and desires.

Optional Docking Base + Universal Power Adapter
Although, it is not required, you may also want to purchase a separate docking base and a power adapter. With this device, you can easily charge your speaker system without having to plug the speaker in each time you charge it. You will have the added capability of setting the speaker on the docking base for an easy, hassle free charging session.

The SoundBlaster AXX 200 truly offers a great deal of functionality that many people can take advantage of. I like it because its small, compact and feature packed! While you may not be interested in all of its many features, there are sure to be a few that you will love and enjoy throughout any listening session in which you use it.

Rating: 9/10

We want to hear from you, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

the moment creative sent a product to you for review, the sales failed. sound blaster axx 200 worldwide sales almost 0 daily. fail.

Anonymous said...

Sim Wong Hoo, you have let down shareholders. Another quarter of record low revenue and big loss. Ripping off shareholders again. How has CES and IT show boost your revenue? Hardly. Why don't you take the company private like Dell since you think you can make it? Give shareholders an option. Go private together or cash out. Better still, sell the company to a bigger brand that knows how to market and manage production. SoundBlaster Roar will NEVER save Creative. High production costs, low durability, intense competition, high price, poor microphone, poor stereo separation, poor sales now. IT Show effect has completely subsided. Global launch too late, people lost interest. Another fail product like zii egg, hanzpad, soundblaster axx. Fail. Always fail. When will you learn your lesson?

Anonymous said...

Blogger, you don't feel guilty about the non-existent review?

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